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I'm a heavy drinking 'sinner' — my Mormon boyfriend is my designated driver

A social media star talks about what it's really like to date a Mormon. Not all are happy because they admit to being "sinners."

Her TikTok star, Cierra Mitt, aged 28,boasts more than 3 million followers on her video-sharing platform. She's from Florida—she's Korean and started dating a Mormon man.

Mist, who now lives in Utah, tells his social media followers that he sometimes regrets drinking where he met his partner.

After admitting that she enjoys "drinking, doing dirty things, and basically everything a Mormon shouldn't do," her boyfriend ``I made the decision to date a sinner like me,'' he said. (“LDS”) is prohibited by the Church. This refers to its full brand: the latter Church of Jesus Christ-Saints of the Day.

As you might imagine, no premarital sex is allowed either.

"I drink, he doesn't," she explained in her recent TikTok video. You might think

The TikToker revealed she's currently dating a Korean Mormon.
Sierra Mitt/Tiktok
Because alcohol is prohibited in the Mormon Church, the TikToker revealed her boyfriend is her designated driver.
Cierra Mitt/Tiktok

She and her peers were nothing less than "fully functioning alcoholics," she joked.

"Knowing that every time you get caught in a practical joke, you have a permanent her DD [designated driver] is probably the best news ever," she continued.

Mist joked about the perks of having a chauffeur on standby, but also revealed the guilt he feels about the free liquid diet.

"I talk whenever I go into the fridge and grab White Claw. Always judgmental. From him? No, stupid goose, from me. Ever since I met his cool self, I've been tough on myself." But I know he means it," she explained. I introduced a man to my loyal followers earlier this month. In fact, interfaith Inamoratos recently traveled east to Florida so that Myst could introduce him to her family.

Mistt said she often feels guilty for drinking when her boyfriend doesn't.
Sierra Mitt/Tiktok

The hard-won relationship proved to be a boon to her. She "didn't know I liked Korean yakiniku until I was introduced to it, but now I'm hooked," Misto said.

"Not only that, but whenever he comes over and he knows I'm hungry, which is usually the case. , it's bushin'," she gushed.

But there's one multicultural culinary challenge she hasn't overcome yet. Chopsticks.

Mitt says: If not, I plan to at least have some kid-sized chopsticks that I can use.

"I'm not going to lie. Honestly, I think this is also my boyfriend's biggest complaint about me," she added.