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I'm a 12 year old mom. People hate me because I have too many children to work.

At 37, the controversial TikToker Veronica Merritt became a grandma — just two months after she gave birth to her twelfth child. Later.

When she was 14, Merit had her first child — Victoria is now 22. She is also Andrew's mother. She is 17 years old. Adam, 15; Mara, 14; Dash, 12; Dara, 11; Marvelous, 8; Martaria, 6; Amelia, 5; Delilah, 3; Donovan, 2, 9 weeks old Modi.

A Syracuse womanrecording herbusy life at TikTokfor more than 205,000 followers to an insiderat the age of 37 The year he said he was "excited" to be a grandmother. She said she was "very happy" to help take care of her child, who brought her family to a total of 14.

She is a mom known as ThisMadMama. Her first grandson, Madillin Rosalie, and her youngest child said they would grow up "a cousin, not an uncle and a niece."

The mom has 12 children aged between 2 months and 22-years-old.
Facebook / Veronica Merritt
Merritt homeschools her younger children, saying she has a 'relaxed' approach to education.
Instagram / @ thismadmama
The mom-of-12 says she color codes her kids.
Instagram / @ thismadmama

Benefits Carrying her family on a school bus, she disagrees with accepting government aid checks and is often fooled online by critics that she isn't working to get her children home school. Admitted.

She told insiders that she relies on paying $ 2,000 and $ 1,500 monthly food stamp child credits and the money she received as part of the Federal Family Stimulation Program. rice field.

She "I think [amount] was about $ 3,000 per child," she told thepost before.

"I searched for it on Google. Children go to public school for about $ 25,000 each year (from kindergarten to high school). It's actually better (for society) to stay at home. It's cheap, "she added. ..

Merritt worked as a freelance artist, but the second youngest Donovanfought a rare form of cancer,she was "scary" I put it on hold while admitting, "but" pride "about how her toddler treats his illness.

Mom marriedtwice: Her first marriage was with her two eldest daughters, Victoria and Andrew's father, but divorced in 2005 and is now Is away from his father Marty. Her little children.

"People can think of what they like, but my child has only two fathers," she said.

A 12 year old mom may color-code her children and dress them in different colors.

"Colors reflect their personality," she told insiders. "But they also keep me fixed."

The mother said she was open to giving birth to baby number 13, which was "amazing" with someone. Must beand want to remarry.