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I'm a "professional" bridesmaid and this is the worst part of my job

Jengrants is aself-proclaimed bridesmaid andadmits that while he loves his career, he has some downsides. increase.

Grants, who claims to be the "world's first" in her profession, recently shared TikTok, wheredescribes the "toughest" part of her work.

In a short clip, "Always Bridesmaid (to hire): A story of growing up, looking for love, and walking down the aisle for a complete stranger" The author dramatically and sadly embraces a pile of wedding invitations.

"There is a 75% chance thatwill hire me as a bridesmaid, it's a complete secret, never again after the wedding is over. I won't talk, "she scribbled her video.

"And that part will never be easy," she continued.

"So a complete stranger appears and no one asks a question?" Another asked, but one wondered. My family will ask who you are?

Some fans were very interested in her unique career choices and were in a hurry. "I always wondered if people had so many bridesmaids," the user said.

"Wait a minute. You can hire a bridesmaid! And here I thought I would never have a wedding bc. I am a bridesmaid There was no one to become, "writes one person.

Grants has been making a living by pretending to be a bridesmaid of a random bride since 2014 when she was asked to attend her wedding.

Later, Florida natives were begged to be bridesmaids for six more events. Glantz, a copywriter at the time, advertised on Craigslist, providing the expertise to help brides walk down the aisle for support. The next morning she was shocked to find 250 emails from her potential clients exploding her emails.

"I say I'm doing four things. I'm an on-call therapist, personal assistant, social director, and peacekeeper."Grants 2017 He told the post: Her job."Normal bridesmaid, she may not have time to spend four hours on the phone for you or plan a bachelorette party.

" [Pro Being a bridesmaid] taught me that it's important to calm down with someone who doesn't necessarily make you laugh or raise a butterfly. It made you understand and things became difficult. Someone who sometimes sticks to you, "she added.