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I'm a proud catfish and can trick people into thinking I'm a model

The catfish trend is prevalent on social media and doesn't seem to stop right away.

Kenidi McCray jumped at the chance to join the trend of TikTok and showed some extreme results.

Her video was capped with "I really caught him."

She shows off her fascinating make-up, saying "what my boyfriend will receive with a 0.07% chance".

But Kenidi says her reality is very different from her sensational appearance.

Next, the video jumps to Kenidi in a baggy oversized dress with no makeup and her hair messed up.

Kenidi is almost unrecognizable. Many of her followers claim that her fascinating photo is a completely different person.

Her video made TikTok enthusiastic and many people sought the truth. That's why Kenidi planned to offer it to them.

Her favorite comment on her post is, "This isn't the same person," she said.

She replied: "This can't be the same. It's not a chance.

" Tutorial is coming tomo (tomorrow) !! "

But it was they who were shocked by Kenidi's revelation. It wasn't just.

Kenidi McCray jumped at the chance to join the catfish trend on TikTok – showing off some extreme results.

Second post: "I don't believe this is the same person "

Another person said: And I was like you wouldn't take me anywhere in preparation.

One user commented:

Kenidi replied: "Magic."

Her videos have been watched over 3 million times and accumulated over 604,800 times.

In response to some of the viewers who refused to believe in Kenidi's make-up magic, she recorded a live stream to prove that the denialists were wrong.

The video jumps to Kenidi McGray dressed in baggy, over-sized clothes with no make-up and disheveled hair.

Some people believe in the magic of Kenidi's makeup. She found it difficult, but she enjoyed it as she counterattacked Troll, who refused to believe she was the same person. And she sometimes admits that she even surprised herself.

Many of her followers were intrigued by her skills and urged Kenidi to share her tips and tricks to perfect her "catfish" look.

One person said, "I'm going to see this magical show."

Another person wrote: "I also want a live show. I really need a tutorial."

Kenidi McGray is almost unrecognizable – with many of her followers claiming that the glam picture is another person entirely.

Kenidi remains open and honest about her opposite appearance, but some people still see how her skills make her another. I can't understand what I changed to.

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