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I'm blind and guys still send me d- -k pics.

These sick people cannot be stopped.

A woman claims that her suitor sent her her cell phone a flood of penis pictures.

Claire Sisk — blinded by her second stroke at age 29 — made a shocking confession Thursday on her popular TikTok account shared a clip of her on her clocking. Within 24 hours she has over 700,000 views.

In her viral video, Sisk said: Maybe they don't believe I'm blind.

This 41-year-old disability advocate of hers further explained that she relied on her reader on the screen to read the message aloud. The system can also explain the images she sends.

"I got the image, I need to share it with you," Sisk chuckled as she held her phone up to the camera and played a message from her reader on the screen.

An automated message, she said, said the photo probably showed "mushrooms growing on the ground."


Sisk was joined by thousands of followers who found humor in how adaptation tools mistook masculinity for a fungus.

"After that explanation my ego was buried in the ground too! It hurts!"

One of her TikTokker jokingly said the man was innocent after all. He suggested it might and simply sent an image of the real fungus. "What if he actually sent me pictures of mushrooms?" they asked.

Her Sisk from London has become a prominent public figure on both TikTok and her Instagram, updating her life as a legally blind woman. sharing.

Under her handle "@canseecantsee," the blonde boasts her 212,000 TikTok followers and her blind publishes videos showing how they cook, clean, and shop.

According to a recent interview with the BBC, Sisk began to lose her sight after she suffered two strokes in 2009. By 2017, her core visual cells had been completely destroyed and she was legally blind. British women have limited peripheral vision.

Sisk told the outlet that she set up her social media account to break down the stigma surrounding blind people in the UK.