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I’m homeless — I work a full-time job, but stay in a motel to get by

A UK woman has gone viral on TikTok for claiming she’s been homeless for over a year, sharing her journey of staying in a motel as she works a full-time job.

Kayleigh Lindon, who says she is employed as a home care worker, often details her daily routine to her nearly 40,000 followers on the social media platform.

She says she has been placed in the temporary lodging by her local town council while she searches for a permanent place to live.

In a clip with 1.4 million views, Lindon gets ready for the day as she shares how the council renews her hotel accommodations weekly.

She says checkout time often comes in the middle of her workday, so she has to pack up her things early in the morning when she leaves for work, hauling them with her since her stay may not be re-booked.

Lindon shares get ready with me video
TikTok / @kayleighlindonx

“This is not what I need before a very long shift today,” she lamented in the clip, which was simply captioned: “Stress.”

In a viral video about her meals, Lindon revealed she rarely eats breakfast during the week, but treats herself on Friday to McDonald’s.

She also consumed a cup of coffee at work, a sandwich for lunch, and fish and chips for dinner that day.

She said it was a “good day for food,” and it “isn’t always like this.”

“Obviously it’s a Friday, so I have eaten well this morning. I had about three meals, but there are days when I will have a yogurt and that is it until 8 p.m., at night where I might have a sandwich — if I’m lucky,” she shared.

Lindon on TikTok
TikTok / @kayleighlindonx

“Absolutely shocking that this young woman is working and homeless,” wrote one stunned person who received over 12,000 likes on the comment. “The government needs to step in and help her! She is clearly trying her hardest.”

“No one should have to say it’s Friday so I’ve eaten lunch,” another user said. “Hope everything works out for you.”

Others couldn’t understand how someone could be homeless, yet afford the nail and lash treatments Lindon confessed she gets.

One TikToker argued she could put the cost of her eyelash extensions “towards saving for a house.”

The Post has reached out to Lindon for comment.

Taking all of her stuff with her
TikTok / @kayleighlindonx

Lindon claims she became homeless after leaving college, unable to return to her mom’s house.

She said she initially stayed with friends and boyfriends until she was finally granted accommodations by the council.

“I wanna document it for my own sake because I will probably never get to experience this again — hopefully,” she explained, referencing her TikTok series about being homeless. “And try to see the good side of things.”

Her belongings on the floor in bags and suitcases
TikTok / @kayleighlindonx
Lindon on TikTok getting ready
TikTok / @kayleighlindonx

Lindon’s most recent clips feature her hunt for an apartment — and her announcement she started a new job.

Her videos have reached millions of viewers, motivating young people also facing housing insecurities.

“This is so inspiring,” wrote one viewer. “I’m 18 and living in supported [accommodations] with no job, no income, and no food, i need ur motivation!”

Others share their well-wishes for Lindon, saying they hope she finds long-term housing soon.