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I'm a plus size, but the theme park rides smell like they're not made for fat people like me

British women take TikTok about their experience to help others, but about going to the theme park as a plus size customer Shared concerns.

Heather O'Neill, 26, said she was worried that she might have problems when she went to the British entertainment destination Thorpe Park. She admitted. Riding, she almost canceled.

"The fact that you have to think about whether it fits your vehicle is the first difference [in terms of being a plus size visitor]," a mental health nurse told rice field.

O'Neill said he was worried about pushing down and closing the ride seat and safety bar, and was also worried about the post-mortem safety of a teenage boy who died from a ride at a theme park. I added that there is. In Orlando earlier this year. Subsequent examinations revealed that he exceeded the safety limit of his weight96 pounds.

Heather (sizes 24-26) decides he doesn't want others to get into the same unpleasant situation and creates aTik Tok video to check the seat size for each ride. Did..

"I used all the test sheets I found, but most people don't have to do that," she explained. "But thevehicle wasn't designed for plus-size / fat people. It's about creating accessibility and space for all body and accessibility needs."

O'Neill said the staff were 'helpful and kind' when she couldn't fit in a seat.
O'Neill said that the workers in the park were "kind and kind" when they couldn't fit in their seats.
Heather said she made the TikTok to help other plus-sized customers.
Jam Press / @ heatherruby96

"It's like the staff did everything I feel like I was kind and kind, but Thorpe Park wasn't built for fat people like me, "O'Neill told "Theme parks, planes, buses-society wasn't built for anyone outside the social norms of being straight, healthy and slim."

TikToker said: He said it fits most seats except the Samurai Ride Test Seat (although I could still ride it) and the Colossus Coaster.

Her video has been watched about 381,000 times and users want more content.

"I'm glad they started having test seats. I went to Alton Towers many years ago and it was shameful to have to get off the vehicle instead." The user is writing.

"The first time I tried the test sheet was Nemesis Inferno, who got stuck for about 20 minutes," another person shared.

"When I got to my seat, I couldn't always go to the theme park. I can't stand the judgment and prejudice," the user commented.

O'Neill said she created TikTok to give confidence to other plus size customers, she added that she was looking for a plus size guide before going. rice field.

"Thorpe Park websitehad difficulty finding weight limits and measurement requirements. Many of the links to weight limits / accessibility are" Page not found. "I came up with it," she explained. ..

"I help my fellow fat people and are positive and filtered about the vehicles they can actually ride and the vehicles with test sheets to see if they fit. Not, I wanted to provide an honest guide.

"Fat people are easy to access and the theme park is also worth the fun!" She declared.

A spokesperson for Thorpe Park told Jam Press:

"We have always endeavored to create accessible attractions where people can be themselves and enjoy an enjoyable experience together.

" Guest feedback from team training Until we hear, our priority has always been to ensure that every guest has a magical day at one of Britain's most thrilling theme parks, "concludes the venue.