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I married Jailbird — no, he's not just using me

There is love after the lockup.

A Texas woman talked about falling in love with a prisoner while she was sentenced to seven years in prison for assisting an armed robbery.

Erica Saunders, 29 shared her notable story about TikTok. After being released from her prison, she has told millions of viewers that she has tied a knot with her former serious offender.

Erica, who works as a real estate agent in Katie, offices from behind a bar inquiring about renting her apartment from her current husband, Austin Sanders, 26, in late 2020. I was first contacted when I called. His liberation from the slammer.

She didn't know he was in jail until the phone was told, "I have one minute left." At that time, he said he would call me back, "Erica

Erica Saunders, 29, has revealed how she fell for prisoner Austin Saunders, 26, while he was behind bars. The pair began dating while the inmate was still in prison, and tied the knot last year following his release from the slammer (right).
Jam. Press /@ erica.and.austin
Austin and Erica met in person after seven months of talking over the phone and writing letters to one another.
Austin and Erica talk on the phone for seven months and after writing a letter to each other , I met in person.
The couple are pictured together in a social media snap. They tied the knot late last year, six months after they met in person.
Jam Press /@erica.and.austin

Erica and Austin immediately defeated it over the phone and decided to stay in touch.

For the next seven months, the pair communicated by phone, FaceTime, and letters, eventually having strong emotions with each other.

"While he was imprisoned, we were able to convey each other's love, which I think really helped us learn more about each other," Erica said. rice field. "If not physically adjacent, the long distance was terrible, but it really tested our relationship and we passed."

"He has great intentions I knew that he was a great man to have and a man to me, "added Texan, who fell in love.

Finally, on June 9, 2021, Austin was released from prison — Erica met him for the first time outside the facility.

She recalls a romantic encounter and said: I felt this overwhelming calm rush. And my worries disappeared and I felt safe in his arms.

Austin served seven years in the slammer for assisting an armed robbery when he was 18 years old.
Jam Press /@erica.and.austin
Austin is pictured upon his release from prison on June 9, 2021. Erica helped him adjust to life back in the real world after being locked up for seven years.
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The couple are pictured with Erica's 10-year-old dauhter, Lily. The relator was relieved that her boyfriend and her daughter instantly got on so well.
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However, Erica faced criticism from her friends and her family, and not everything went smoothly.

She was "very negative from some people because she only judged him based on where he was," the realtor said. "My family was scared of him using me, but when he saw him sending me gifts and flowers, they changed quickly. In addition, he did them. I also wanted to know about. "

" Everyone is on their way and just because it didn't work for someone, it didn't work for others. " That's not the case, "she further explained.

Erica was the mother of Lily, a 10-year-old daughter from her previous relationship, and was eager to introduce her Jailbird Bow to her child. She was thrilled when the pair met and soon formed a bond.

Austin immediately asked Erica a question and proposed down on her bent knees. The

pair tied a knot on December 27, 2021, just six months after Austin was released from prison.

Austin popped the question to Erica, getting down on bended knee to propose.
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The pair tied the knot in December last year, with Erica cooing: "I have now married my best friend."
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"I was a little emotional because I didn't have a family next to me. They were the last I couldn't get it to the end, "Erica said. "It was on his side, but his family was mine and everyone was very welcoming. It also helped because some of my best friends grew up beside me. "

" I'm married to my best friend right now, so I'm very happy because I didn't allow negative opinions to affect me, "she said more calmly. became.

However, Erica faces her negative opinions not only from her family and friends, but also from her followers on TikTok.

"It's so sad that this woman needs to go to jail to find her love," said one swearer in a love story video that received more than 8 million people {121. Blowed upunder}. View.

"Mistakes don't define a person:" Some of Erica's family and friends have been skeptical of Austin's intentions, but she's found some supportive followers online.
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Another skeptic is: I'm saying. You can say defo using you, of course he will pretend to be able to get all this help. He probably has nothing on the outside.

However, others are fascinated by the unlikely love story and share support for the couple.

"Miss does not define a person," one said calmly. "Go to the girl. Ignore those who don't like it.":