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I married my ex-dad. Everyone hates me, but it's the best sex I've ever had.

She must like his "father's appearance".

An Ohio woman claims to have alienated her companion after tying a knot with her father, her ex-her boyfriend. Despite being 24 years old, she said she had "the best sex" in her life.

"He's the only person I've had sex with and he's the best," 27-year-old Sydney Dean told her husband Paul Jampress, who works as a truck driver.

Dean met the future Sugar Daddy for the first time as a sixth grader when she visited Paul's son, who was her boyfriend at the time. And the two preteen lovers eventually called it quit, but they were friends throughout middle school, and Dean was often hanging out in the flames in front of her after school and on weekends. rice field.

However, after Paul's son gained a girlfriend in his mid-teens, a crack broke out and Dean began talking to her father not to be the third wheel.

From there, a whirlwind romance blossomed immediately. The two lovers began dating when she was 16 —Ohio's legal consent age

"He is the only person I have had sex with and he is the best," said Sydney Dean.
Jam Press / Sydney Dean
Dean first started dating Paul when she was 16 -- the legal age of consent in Ohio.
Jam Press / Sydney Dean34}

"I didn't expect to fall in love with Paul. We met in a non-traditional way, but I was very happy," said her elder Paramore in love. Spoiled the fallen gal

Dean, for example, was not satisfied with the unorthodox arrangement. "He is the best husband I could ask for and he treats me very kindly."

Despite her large age difference, Dean is her She claims to have her best sex in her life. However, she admits that Paul is the only person with whom he has ever had an intimate relationship.

Dean first met her future sugar daddy as a sixth-grader while visiting Paul's son, who was her boyfriend at the time.
Jam Press / Sydney Deane
From left to right (circled): Paul's son, Paul, and Sydney Dean.
Jam Press / Sydney Dean

"He can't compare gender to other relationships because I'm the first real relationship," loved one Millennial Generations said about her much older husband.

Needless to say, the relationship that bridges the age gap did not fit well with many of her friends.

"I had one friend who had a problem with Paul's relationship with me," Dean lamented. "This friend will never hang out or talk to me if he is."

Dean and Paul tied the knot in 2016.
Jam Press / Sydney Deane
Paul's youngest son -- Dean's ex-- initially didn't like the idea of his former paramour dating his dad given their history -- but now fully supports their relationship.
Jam Press / Sydney Dean

After all, I didn't want to be my friend because of the age difference in the relationship. "

Soulmates also had to spend years convincing their people that their relationship was genuine. Fortunately, Dean's mom was initially disgusted by the age difference between her lovers, but her daughter eventually said she "come".

"[After this] we went to her house almost every weekend to hang out and drink BB," she claimed. "She always comes because we live so close to each other.

I did have one friend that wasn't OK with mine and Paul's relationship," lamented Dean. "This friend would never want to come hang out or even talk to me much at all if he was around."
Jam Press / Sydney Deane
Ultimately, Dean hopes that her lifestyle choice will help erase the stigma around marrying outside one's age bracket.
Jam Press / Sydney Dean

Dean said, "She 100 us. % Support and absolutely love Paul, "he added," probably having more chat than me or her. " Dean's father, who lives in the

state, didn't like the idea because he had never seen her senior's spouse, but now "don't care about the gap."

Perhaps the most amazing reaction came from Paul's youngest, Dean's ex-husband and wife. He initially didn't like Paramar's ideas before dating his father, but now he fully supports their relationship.

Dean gets cozy with her pa-ramour.
Jam Press / Sydney Deane
Dean and Paul make it official.
Jam Press / Sydney Dean

"He didn't agree with this relationship for several years, but now that we're married together, he's us We support being together, "Dean explained. "He comes with our girlfriend and three kids every other week for barbecue with us."

She explained: "Paul had a terrible truck accident last July and was in SICU for nearly three weeks. While he was there, I talked to his son every day and came to see him with him."

Ultimately, Dean hopes that her lifestyle choices will help eliminate the stigma of getting married outside the age group.

Dean's family have since come to accept their relationship.
Jam Press / Sydney Dean

"I want you to understand couples of different ages. We can really love and care for each other, "she said. "There are many negative assumptions about age-difference relationships, but that doesn't mean that couples can't participate in it for the right reason."

Of course, someone old enough to be a father Dean wasn't the only one who tied the knot. Earlier this month, a25-year-old Canadian woman proved that "her age is just a number" after marrying a 45-year-old senior man.