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I got a bad burn when I was a kid, but I'm about to enter the Miss Universe

The Queen of the British Beauty Pageant was once an anxious young man after years of horrific incidents that caused skin grafting and surgical pain.

"I just wanted to hide until my mom took me to the pageant," Harriotte Lane toldChronicleLive.

When she was 12, Newcastle natives spilled boiling gravy on her thighs — years of recovery procedures followed.

"The skin on her legs began to peel off and became infected," said a 21-year-old woman.

"For four days it was burning through the tissue of my skin," Rein recalled. It is different from being struck with hot water because the oil content of the gravy classified the damage as "fat burning".

"I needed skin grafts, and they took the skin from the top of my thighs to put on my feet. It took 5 years to heal, but the thighs There are still scars on the top, "she said.

Now, on July 9th, Lane will be competing in Miss Universe Great Britain, her country's top beauty pageant. On stage, she models swimsuits and evening dresses and answers questions in front of the audience. She also personally interviews the judge.

Harriotte Lane
Instagram / @ thecrowncoach
Harriotte Lane
Instagram / @ thecrowncoach

Mother Sarah recommended that she join her first pageant, Miss Teen Great Britain, to increase her self-confidence after the accident.

Currently, shehas more than 65,700 Instagram followers, recording her journey to the crown — Lane is a fundraiser, modeling, travel, and more. Among the many tournaments, I won the Miss International UK 2019.

Lane is also an entrepreneur. At the age of 18, she foundedher own pageant coaching company, hosting her group and individual classes.

Over the past nine years, Lane has raised $ 100,000 for charities, including A-Sisterhood, to help Indian women suffering from acid attacks. For

Lane, her beauty pageant competition isn't just "look", it's just that.

"That's very friendly? Did you have a great interview? Can you communicate with the audience? Because it's a girl leaving with a crown."

She is also keen to educate others about the beauty of the pageant.

"There are many stereotypes, but in reality, the pageantry is to be a spokes model," she said. "It's a feminist who has a real reason to empower others. They have often overcome adversity."

Harriotte Lane
Instagram / @ thecrowncoach

Her own adversity also helps to spread her positiveness.

"I go to school in the northeast and talk about removing self-limits and sharing my story. I tell them to go to the job they want to do [they] But even if society might be something that might keep them away, "she continued.

"It's their dream, not anyone else's dream, so I tell them to do their best."