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"I stunned all of you": Nick Kyrgios tastes a pure white Wimbledon performance against Filip Krajinović

(CNN)Nick Kyrgios has played his first round match so far atWimbledonI thought it was one of the worst matches. But his performance against Filip Krajinović two days later may have been his best.

Australians ousted finalist Krajnovich, who was beaten at the Queen's Club two weeks ago, on Thursday in just one hour and 25 minutes, soaring 24 aces between 6 and 26 and serving. Created a master class. -36-1 Victory.

It was a performance of the statement-and Kyrgios knew it.

"I just wanted to prove to people that I was really good," he told reporters.

Kyrgios has long been proven to be a divisive figure in tennis. On the one hand, he is one of the best entertainers and talents in the game. On the other hand, the player who gathered criticism of the behavior on the court and theexplosion to the referee,

, but made Krajinović talk to tennis, and sometimes He seemed completely unable to play.

It wasn't until the start of the second set that the Serbs scored points from Crigios' serve. This was something I could only do nine times during the match.

The speed gun on the court stopped working at some point, but then flashed back in time to time Kyrgios' serve at 135 mph. This is 8mph shorter than the 2019 tournament record.

It was a clever touch that mixed with his stunning serving. In particular, the perfectly weighted Rob offered the first break in the third set, screaming "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie" from golden fans. -And a clean and accurate ball hit from the baseline.

"I wanted to remind everyone that I can really go out today and play really good tennis without being distracted," Kyrgios said. "The crowd enjoyed it today, and it was just like a business."

The 27-year-old boy doesn't always love the Wimbledon audience. He admitted that after his first match against Paul Jub in England,he spit on fans who felt "contempt"

Kyrgios was bullish when asked about the incident after the match on Thursday. "Today I played Filip Krajinović. Want to know how I played?" He shot back.

Kyrgios played against the media several times during the post-match press conference.

"Today, the media didn't tell me anything wrong," he said, looking back at his performance.

"I know you can't ask me anything and stir something. I love it because you can't write anything. What are you? I'm going to say nothing today. I was stunned at everything. Your. "

Indeed, some of his shots against Krajinović were breathtaking. He won 50 winners during the match. This includes jabback hand returns to block the victory.

This caused a very exciting third round clash with Stefanos Tsitsipas after a fourth-seeded straight set victory over Jordan Thompson.

The deep plan at Wimbledon is lagging behind for Kyrgios. His best result here was Rafael Nadal, the world's No. 1 at the time, in the 2014 quarterfinals when he made his tournament debut at the age of 19.

On Thursday, Kyrgios withdrew from the men's doubles event to give him ample opportunity to recover-"I'm a singles player, my priority has always been singles," he said. Explained this year's Wimbledon interview in his court, "circled by my calendar almost all year round."

"This is generally my best chance to win a Grand Slam of all four," Kyrgios added.

The world's No. 40 was rarely afraid to speak openly, and this year was no exception. In May, Kyrgiostalked about the mental health issueshe had tackled throughout his tennis career, his drug and alcohol abuse, and his fight against self-harm.

He told Wide World of Sports that he felt "worthless" at some point in his life and was strongly influenced by social media abuse. However, he added that the Covid-19 pandemic helped him overcome his mental health, and said in Wimbledon that Kyrgios was embracing a more positive attitude.

"I feel comfortable with my skin. Some people like to break me, but it's impossible anymore," he said.

It is impossible for anyone to play the same as Thursday and defeat Kyrgios on the court. This was his supremacy over Krajinović.

"I am very confident in myself and confident in all the challenges I have overcome in my life," he said.

"I'm proud to be here and doing it my way. It's a dream come true for any tennis player to be able to create such tennis at Wimbledon."