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I was fat and embarrassed by strangers in public. "Are you going to eat it all?"

An influential person is praised for her treatment of being fat and embarrassed by strangers in public.

TikToker @Strawberryifme — Dedicated to reviewing strawberry-based desserts and fruits — is filming herself trying to eat strawberry shortcake, and she I was disturbed by the man holding the camera.

"Madmoiseru, do you want to eat everything?" He can be heard asking off-screen in a video that has been watched over 17 million times.

"I don't know. I think I was able to do it," she replied.

"That's why you're so fat. You know, I'm looking at you," he continues.

"That's right. That's what keeps me popular and fat," she replies, not missing her beat.

The TikToker was called fat by a stranger, outraging her followers.
TikTok / strawberrifyme
She quickly responded, unfazed by his rude comments.
TikTok / strawberrifyme

"I: I'm not upset. Try to grow as an Asian ... also called gorgeous on the same day," she screens during the interaction. I wrote in.

"She didn't flinch, bother, or even make a nervous laugh," wrote one impressed believer.

"I don't know why a stranger needs to comment on someone's body," wrote another incredible user.

In a follow-up video, TikToker said he started his account because he loved strawberries.

"Strawberrify me is to find your own strawberries in your life," she wrote, adding, "something that makes you smile and happy."

"Thank you for your kind words," she added, and she said to everyone "friendly to herself."