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"Monkeypox" flight has begun — a rash

A California woman claims she was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight because staff mistook her severe eczema for monkeypox.

Jacqueline Nguyen shared a TikTok video of herself in tears after an alleged incident at an undisclosed airport last Friday. .

She "never been more humiliated in her life," the traumatized traveler wrote in her clip, which has been viewed over 1.6 million times.

"They asked me about the eczema I had for the rest of my life when I was taken off the plane in front of everyone with my wife," she further explained. He asked me to submit medical papers and told my wife to be careful with her behavior.”

The Post has reached out to Spirit Airlines for comment on the incident.

Nguyen hinted that she may be considering a lawsuit against the budget airline, adding the following comment to her clip:

"Misinformation leads to discrimination and hostility. Anyone with a visible non-communicable skin condition expected this," she added. 19} Nguyen's video had clocked up more than 1.6 million views since it was uploaded to TikTok late last week.


Monkeypox — Outbreak viral disease With rashes and blisters all over the skin — a public health emergency was declared in the United States last week.

Since the disease can be spread through skin-to-skin contact, Nguyen actually has the virus.

TikTokker then shared a follow-up video acknowledging that she was "prescribed by Spirit staff." He said he could re-board the plane if he showed him a tube of eczema cream.

Upon returning to the plane, Nguyen claimed that the flight attendants "quickly turned around and walked in the opposite direction and didn't even look at me, as if eye contact would spread monkeypox."

This 1997 image provided by CDC, shows the right arm and torso of a patient, whose skin displayed a number of lesions due to what had been an active case of monkeypox.

Nguyen's allegations took her TikTokker by surprise. I'm afraid of being mistaken for monkeypox.

“As an adult with cystic acne, I have been terrified.

"I have three symptoms that look like I have eczema, HS [hidradenitis suppurativa], cystic acne and monkeypox, and I'm terrified." I feel it,' cried another.

The Post has contacted Spirit Airlines for comment on the alleged incident.

Currently, the majority of people with monkeypox are  68} Gay and bisexual men, one woman recently shared her illness experiences onTikTok.

She expressed her distress to the point that she could only drink "protein drinks" and had difficulty speaking. I can't," she said.