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After being chased by an angry scank, I got a "zombie" carnivorous disease

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Her mother's leg in North Carolina suffers from "zombie" -like flesh wounds due to an abnormal infection that developed while fleeing her angry scank. increase.

"It looks like a zombie bit me," 39-year-old Sharon Evans told SWNS about her carnivorous pain. She said, "Something seems to have eaten my skin and it really gets bigger."

Six home mothers are particularly suffering from pyoderma gangrenosum. "Skin, a rare condition that causes large and painful pain (ulcers) in the legs, most of the time."by May York Clinic.The exact cause of the destructive skin disease is unknown. However, it seems to be related to defects in the immune system.

As a result of her "painful" condition, a slight ridge can form an ulcer on her leg, forcing Evans to live in a bubble.

"It looks like a zombie has bitten me," said Sharon Evans, 39, of her fetid skin condition.
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She was her first ganglion condition in November I noticed the symptoms of. A month after she and her pet Pooch broke in with an aggressive scank.

"At 2:30 am, I took the dog [two chiwawa and pitbull] out, but there was a scank that I couldn't see," Evans recalled. "The dogs tried to chase it, and it turned me on and it ran towards me to hurt me, so I ran up the stairs into the house and hit my ankle on the stairs. "

She added: "It hurts, but I had adrenaline because I was trying to escape from the scank."

Still, she said she looked fine a month later until her footlids "started to open." Said her mother. The attached photo shows a rotting wound reminiscent of a bite of "zombie" or a volcanic caldera.

The stay-at-home mother of six specifically suffers from pyoderma gangrenosum, a "rare condition that causes large, painful sores (ulcers) to develop on your skin, most often on your legs," per the Mayo Clinic.
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Evans analogized the ulcer to a "zombie bite."
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Evans initially expected the 6-inch pus-filled caps to disappear spontaneously, SWNS reported. But then the pain spread to her entire leg, causing great pain and she couldn't get out of her bed for a month.

Then, a few months later, she hit her foot against the door of her car and two ulcers jumped up like a hydra on her epidermis.

"That was really terrible, but I wasn't thinking about it," Evans said. "I didn't put anything on it because there were no open scratches and it didn't hurt me."

Then, four days later, "it went from bump to opening," she said. Told.

"I'm always trying to be aware of my legs," lamented Evans. "I can't do things I wanted to do."
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Unfortunately, "there isn't a whole lot they can do apart from get better and there's no preventative things apart from trying not to hurt yourself," explained Evans.
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Surprisingly, Evans went to the clinic and was prescribed an antibiotic course.

After her medication failed to improve her condition, her patient was transferred to an emergency room, where doctors first diagnosed her as "cellitis" and infected her. I tried to scrape it off. They finally did a biopsy and understood what was happening. The doctor was confused about how she got into such a condition very late in her life.

Unfortunately, "there's nothing we can do other than get better, and there's no precautionary measure other than not to hurt ourselves," Evans said. "It happens every time I get injured. I really have to be careful. It's like living in a bubble because I don't want to get hurt."

Evans' chihuahua Katie, who tried to chase away the skunk.
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Evans needs to move down to avoid rekindling corruption She doesn't stumble Climb the stairs to the side and stop all exercise and other activities.

"I'm always trying to keep an eye on my feet," she said. "I can't do what I wanted to do."

If she releases the pain, Evans remains tied to the bed, with her husband Jason (46) and her children Nayan (16). , Rose (15 years old), Angel (9 years old), Owen (8 years old), Quinn (, 5, and Israel, 4, take care of her.

"I can't get up and walk. There was a portable toilet next to the bed, so I went to the toilet and lay down, "she explained." I couldn't stand it. I have to get someone to help me. I have an ass. I feel like I'm in pain. I'm repairing it every day to prevent infection. "

Evans first noticed symptoms of the gangrenous affliction in November, about a month after she and her pet pooches had a run-in with an aggressive skunk.
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Medics initially diagnosed her with "cellulitis" and tried to scrape the infection off.
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About her family, she said:

Evans is not the only one developing abnormal skin conditions.

In March, due to the habit of picking skin, antibiotic resistance After being infected with Staphylococcus, the woman lost most of her legs.