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Idris Elba wrestles a nervous but ultimately stupid beast and sad and angry CGI lion

One of these two thematic elements is the big audience draw in Icelandic director Balthazar Kormakhur's man-versus-nature thriller Beast. Do you think? 7} The story of a man struggling to heal his grief-stricken family, or the sight of Idris Elba punching (CGI) a lion's sunlight. If you choose the first option, you are clearly a nice, optimistic person who puts a lot of faith in the human psyche. Congratulations to all. You're deeply attuned to our more fundamental elements as a species, and you've probably even seen the trailer.

Beast We deliver everything we promise. Elba plays Nate Samuels, a doctor who seems to have trouble expressing his emotions. He travels to the South African bush with her two adolescent daughters, the extroverted Meredith (Iyana Harry) and the anxious Nora (Lia Jeffries). Born in South Africa, their mother recently passed away after falling ill with cancer. They feel that her father has let her and them down by not putting in enough effort into her marriage. The visit to Africa is meant to bring everyone together, and Nate also wants them to know where his mother came from. It's also Nate's chance to reunite with Martin (Sharlto Copley). Sanctuary keeper Martin is a smart and affable individual who was hugged by an adult (CGI) lion raised from a cub andborn. He was released in freestyle. increase. He also seems to have no patience for poachers who mow down entire lion families for their teeth, claws and bones, which fetch high prices on the black market.

Idris Elba (left) Pandemic by the Lion

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The film opens with the poachers gleefully shooting down the entire Pride. Then, to their surprise, an angry man appears out of nowhere like a ghostly avenger, scratching and beating every human he can get a powerful leg. This big cat's reign of terror is vast. Uncharacteristically, according to lion expert Martin, he wiped out entire villages simply because he associates every human with an enemy poacher. While guiding Nate and the girls around Martin's favorite bush, this kill-but-not-eaten super-predator keeps its prey in sight and doesn't back down. } Everest, 101 Reykjavik) is a talented action director, andBeast is packed with tense moments. for something like this. (I was in the middle, watching a portion of the film, including the awkward artery cauterization sequence, through outstretched fingers. Elba, a charismatic and sensitive actor, performs remarkably well. I've been drinking whiskey at night. In the scene where he confides in Martin that he regrets disappointing his wife and family after drinking too much, Elba draws anguish from deep inside his soul.His reddened eyes 's wild self-loathing, his sense of betraying his own idea of ​​what a human being should be.

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But come on: You really are (CGI) lion wrestling, and there are a lot of them. Elba kicks a lion as it intrudes into a stalled truck where a horrified family of swarms has swarmed for safety.Elba wrestles with the lion, desperately knifes him as the beast's scimitar claws grab and gouge his leg. Elba, the brusque nemesis, silently clings to a tree as a brusque nemesis, slaughtered and kicked and beaten so many times that his nose and chin are bloody and he wonders where his prey has gone. Kormákur do these combats for maximum firepower effectiveness.They are often nervous, but also repetitive.

And finally

63} Beast is, frankly, a bit goofy: Colmacourt and cinematographers Philippe Lucero and Balthazar Brequis-Samper set the scene for a lavender-gold sunset and dramatically angular silhouettes of trees in a thicket. It captures the majesty.But the creature that the movie titles is so bad, but he's also very sad and I can't help but feel pity for his battered limbs, mottled fur and blood. With a smeared, battle-scarred nose, he's a monster you can't help identifying with, and he's wronged by humans at every turn.Always charming, Copley is one of the best in cinema. He recognizes Monsieur the Lion's pain, while acknowledging that the animal's highly anthropomorphic rage makes him too great a threat to human life. The Beast's lion is not real, his emotions and actions are man-made. But with his wounded grandiosity, he almost steals the show from Elba.No one matches his big cat his energy.

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