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Illegally made fentanil fuels a historic drug crisis across the United States

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The fentanyl crisis has hit more seriously than any otherdrug epidemic in history, according to the DEA and national state law enforcement agencies, as of the summer of 2022. I am.

"The United States has enough fentanyl to kill all Americans at deadly doses," DEA tells Fox, "it's everywhere."

It's not a prescription drug issue, butillegal / illegally manufactured raw fentanylis often shipped across various borders to the United States. The supply chain for this industry, like many other industries, seems to be starting in China. 

"In Mexico, drug trafficking networks are often called cartels and source chemicals from Chinese chemical companies. In most cases, they are unregulated companies," said DEA. Anne Milgram said. When those raw materials arrive in Mexico, she states, "The place where they are actually producing illegal fentanyl and methamphetamine, which is flooding the United States."

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One hundred fourteen pounds of pure, powdered fentanyl seized by the Colorado State Patrol on June 20. Authorities believe this is the biggest seizure in the state, and enough to kill up to 31 million people. (courtesy: COLORADO STATE PATROL)

114 pounds of pure powdered fentanyl confiscated by Patrol, Colorado on June 20. Authorities believe this is the largest seizure in the state and sufficient to kill it. Up to 31 million people. (Courtesy: COLORADO STATE PATROL)

For local law enforcement agencies, the rise is staggering, even in borderless states. In early 2022, Captain Bill Berkeley said he and the Colorado Patrol's Anti-Trafficking Department "seized more than £ 3,67 of fentanyl, an increase of 389% from last year."

A map showing the flow of illicitly manufactured fentanyl into the United States, according to the DEA. (2019)

Illegal fentanyl manufactured by DEA, USA When. (2019)(Source: DEA)

Mexico may be hundreds of miles away, but Captain Berkeley said, "[In Colorado] seizures. Most of them are from thecartel in Mexico. "

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Captain Berkeley shoots with Fox While doing so, the K-9 unit was dispatched to a traffic stop just 25 miles above the I-70. While Berkeley was spinning the camera inside, members of his section confiscated 1200 tablets, including 7.5 pounds of heroin and fentanyl, from the vehicle they decided on and headed for Denver.

While Fox was interviewing CO State Patrol Captain Bill Barkley on June 29, 2022, members of his smuggling & trafficking section were out seizing 7.5 lbs. of heroin and 1,200 pills containing fentanyl. (courtesy: CO STATE PATROL)

Fox to Patrol Captain Bill Berkeley, Colorado on June 29 During the interview, in 2022, a member of his smuggling&amp. The trafficking section had seized £ 7.5. Of 1200 pills containing heroin and fentanyl. (Courtesy: CO STATE PATROL)

The good news is that we are confiscating more drugs on the highway than ever before. But on the contrary, he adds, "it's also alarming to think that we get only a small portion of what we're inflowing ... every hour of every day."

ForNorth Carolinalike Attorney General Josh Stein, the fentanyl crisis is at a much more severe sacrifice. “Almost three-quarters of all deaths are associated with fentanyl,” says Stein. But what's worse, "it's killing young Americans ... more than three-quarters of all teens dying from overdose have fentanyl in their system, which is likely to be the cause of that overdose. I have it. "

MarchNorth Carolina Department of Health and Human Servicesreports that fentanyl, especially illegally manufactured, is pushing these numbers up. "By 2020, more than 70% of deaths from overdose in the state are likely to be associated with illegally produced fentanyl, often in combination with other substances," the report said. .. 

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That same month, Stein shared a letter to Snapchat. I wrote it. A bipartisan group of lawyer presidents from about 44 states argues that social media giants may be doing more to help the crisis. When asked to report on progress, Stein frankly told Fox: "I think the social media platform takes this issue seriously, but not enough."