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Inflation is killing vacations and other commentary

Economy Watch: Inflation is killing vacations

"In the last two years, many Americans have COVID restrictions Skipped or worried about family vacations because of "observes Salenajito at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "This year, inflation is 8.6%, and many people can't resume the tradition because of exorbitant costs. Would you like to fly on a domestic flight? This is the" normal "last summer. It will be 34% higher than 2019. Accommodation costs have increased by 13% and car rentals have increased by more than 70% since the beginning of 2020. In fact, all costs are high. "Eating out? This is 7.2% more than last year. Will it fill up? Everyone knows it's on the other side of the roof. If you're lucky, the average is $ 5 per gallon. "It's no wonder that nearly 43% of Americans say that financial concerns are driving travel cuts and vacation budget cuts."

Conservative : Was it all a big lie?

"Our country is awakening to annoying potential"argues The Sun's editorial board: "The Constitution has the right to abortion." The idea is a lie. "The Supreme Court never outlawed abortion," but Judge Clarence Thomas argued that Law was based on the "substantive due process" theory. And in major abortion cases, "intervene in policy issues that were in the process of being organized by the legislature." "Our own hope is that the United States will return to the legislative process ... It will be possible to exude the anger that has upset our country for 50 years."

Energy Desk: Biden's Green Falseness

"If there was a protracted question that climate change policy was an empty Virtue signaling, President Joe Biden dispelled it." The Congress to Raise the Federal Gasoline Taxfeatures Heather MacDonald in the City Journal.The "desperate" move "in the White House's increasingly panicked campaign to reduce tank-up costs" is clearly a "betrayal of Biden's climate goals." After waging a war with US oil, he seems to "see cheap gas as a US right that other nations must fulfill." Last year, he lamented, "Russia and Saudi Arabia and other major producers are not going to pump any more oil so that people can have gasoline to get in and out of work." Put those etiquette into practice — at all real costs.

Religious Blow: Anti-Religious School "Crisis"

Former U.S. Attorney Bill Barr Warns About "Fateful Crisis" in Western Civilization Report theFederalist Joy Pullman. At a Christian conference in Chicago on Saturday, Bar told the audience that public schools were hostile to traditional religions, even though they prevented parents from controlling their children while at school. Told. Public schools have transitioned from Christianity in nature to Antichrist in nature, creating a moral gap full of political left. Still, Barr argued that "the diversity of American beliefs now makes the monopoly of education unacceptable." Solution: End the government's monopoly on education through school choices. "Allowing parents to bring their children's public education costs to institutions that fit their beliefs not only ends such a cultural war, but also the belief that families maintain the republic more effectively. Will help tell the children, "he said.

From right: Left is shocked by US vulnerabilities

Left is "seducing fate",is Victor David Hanson claims for America's greatness: The United States can "launch a massive 120-day riot in 2020," "$ 2 billion in damage," and "about 35 dead." Was thought to occur. Being able to "easily" survive "complete military humiliation" in Afghanistan, "rebuilding all universities and eliminating freedom of speech", and "Maoist cultural revolutionary enthusiasm" To fan. Meanwhile, "garbage, pests, drifts, jet thumbs, human excrement" filled dangerous streets, and "Joe Biden took a strong economy and ruined it," which could have caused a "recession." There is sex. "The arrogance of this generation has tested fate," and now, "like the stunned youth whose reckless incompetence summed up family cars, the Left proved that America was ultimately very fragile.

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