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Inside Pablo Escobar's Mexican hideaway converted into a hotel for A-listers

The mansion, believed to have been owned by the infamous and violent Colombian drug trafficker Pablo Escobar, has become a luxury hotel.

According to Jam Press, Escobar, located along the Caribbean coastline of the Riviera Maya in Mexico, is reportedly hidden from the authorities of the estate.

In the 1970s, when the Mexican government decided to turn the now popular town of Tulum into a vacation destination, Escobar saw the opportunity to get one of the most exclusive properties there.

Escobar, named Casa Marca, is located in a remote off-the-grid area and is suspected of sneaking up there to escape authorities.

His property remained abandoned when he was captured and killed.

Almost 10 years after his death, the estate was discovered by art collector Rio Marca. Rio Marca decided to spend more than two years buying this property and converting it into an artistic hotel.

Drug trafficker Pablo Escobar, boss of the Medellin cartel, and his wife Maria Victoria in 1983, Colombia.
Gamma Rafo via Getty Images
Situated along the picturesque Caribbean coastline in Riviera Maya, Mexico, the luxurious hotel estate is said to have been the home of Pablo Escobar – who even hid from authorities there.
Casa Marca
In a bid to focus on eco-friendly, locally-sourced materials, antiques and interiors are featured throughout to bring a truly “natural” experience.
Casa Marca
here are 71 “boutique” suites and rooms.
Jam Press
n the 70s, the Mexican government decided to turn the town of Tulum into a holiday destination, overturning the “exclusive haven” for the wealthy and successful.
Casa Marca

Casa Marca currently has 71 boutique suites and rooms. According to the hotel's website, antiques straddling the huge 193,750 square feet and 590 feet beach frontage are laid out throughout to bring a "natural" experience.

If you go to a mansion full of art sculptures and installations, you will see walls lined with tree trunks.

Persian rugs, paintings, books and furniture are found throughout the property for a "unique" experience.

In the foyer, two swinging chairs frame the entrance and are situated next to a pair of white curtains, which are made from vintage wedding dresses.
Casa Marca
Inside, high-rise ceilings and walls made completely from concrete encompass the area and are accented with heavily-patterned flooring.
Casa Marca
The primary suite where Pablo Escobar stayed.
Casa Marca
n the bedrooms, breathtaking views across the coastline can be spotted via the panoramic windows and are completed with an artistic value in mind
Jam Press

The foyer has two swing chairs next to a pair of white curtains made of vintage wedding dresses. Patterned floors such as high ceilings and concrete walls are accented.

From the bedroom, you can enjoy the view of the coastline from the panoramic window. The primary suite is the place where Escobar is likely to have stayed. It features black walls and wooden floors, a rainfall shower and dual sinks.

Other amenities include 2 pools, an underground adult cave, 3 restaurants and 2 bars.

The palm trees that surround each room, frequently visited by celebrities on the A List, provide optimal privacy along the upscale beaches.

On the beach, ther are handmade tiki huts t
Casa Marca
After nearly a decade, the estate was discovered and purchased by art collector, Lio Malca, who decided to revamp the property over two years into an artistic hotel, rooted in rich history.
Casa Marca
Soon, Escobar saw a window for opportunity and snapped up one of the most exclusive properties within the town – which is now called Casa Malca.
Casa Marca
Other amenities include two pools, an underground adult-only grotto, three restaurants and two bars.
Jam Press

"Rio preserves the idyllic charm of the place, signed by famous artists such as Jeff Koons, Basquiat and Keith. Includes some artwork Brazilian luxury real estate broker Ana Prado Conti told Jam Press.

"Guests and hotel staff are also all day long. We always communicate via WhatsApp, "Contti added. "There were some celebrities there, such as actress Cara Delevingne and model Elle Macpherson."

Conti said that the locals said the house was still part of the Escobar family. Claims to believe there.

It costs about $ 502 per night and drops to $ 344 during the winter.