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Iowa MP Adrian Dickey's daughter opposes the opposition to abortion

Iowa Senator's bisexual daughter accuses his father of being estranged online over support for the state's ban on abortion and mentally criticizes him. I accused him of "abuse".

"This time I'll cut off my dad forever," wrote Korynn Dickey, 20 years old, in theseries of TikToksposted Wednesday and Thursday. Politics of her dad, Republican Senator Adrian Dickey.

"See, I'm a bisexual Pisces. He's a Republican senator, depriving me of my rights as a woman and contributing to the possibility of marrying my dream girl someday. You did. "The text overlay, written in all lowercase letters, is read.

Senator Dickies upheld the 2021 bill calling on the Iowa High Court to overturn the decision to classify abortion as a "basic right." Two weeks ago, theIowa Supreme Court did just that, paving the way for the state to limit or ban abortion. The US Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade case a week later.

"When he was elected, I was told to keep my mouth shut, because after all, he really wanted to change," Korynnsaid. I told TheDailyDot. "When the Roe v. Wade case came to light, I expressed concern and he silenced them."

In another post, a young woman in Iowa City said at school. After supporting a ban on transgender women playing girls' sports in, she revealed to her father earlier this year that she had appeared as bisexual.

Colin also accused her father of playing "mind games" and using "manipulation tactics" when she was a kid.

Korynn Dickey
469allidoiswhine / TikTok

"I hate my body for years, I got a flashback of what he did. For me at home, I should have been relieved, "she wrote in a series of deleted clips.According to the Daily Mail.

"The abuse you did made me stronger, it's my turn to play the game you used to instill fear in me."

"Narcissists I love power and control. It's not a shock to have him in office, "she continued. "The one I love is indisputable, not what I do with my d–n body."

Korynn embodies her father's name in her post. I didn't show it. Senator Dickies is the only representative of the Des Moines Legislature to share her name. He was elected last January.

The post contacted Korynn and Sen.Dickey for further comment.