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A man in Iowa who accidentally shot a Marine with an air rifle is fined

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A 71-year-old man from Iowa City,, seriously injured the US Marine Corps while shooting his air rifle with a squirrel after pleading guilty in April.

Philip Olson was fined Thursday for violating the Iowa City Ordinance, which bans the firing of toy guns and slingshots, the press reported.

Police said Olson was shooting a squirrel in his yard last October when 20-year-old Gabe Heefner in Kirkwood, Missouri was driving.

Police found Heefner in a broken car with what looked like a gunshot wound on his head. At that time, Heifner was a junior corporal of the Marine Corps in Iowa City, visiting his grandparents and friends about a week before he was sent to Japan.

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An Iowa man accidently shot a Marine with an air rifle when attempting to shoot a squirrel.

A man in Iowa accidentally used an air rifle to shoot a squirrel. I shot a member.

Olson tearfully apologized to the man's family in court on Thursday a few days after Hefner was discovered, saying, "Waste my life and the life of an innocent young man. I did. " ""

Heefner's father said his son is currently unable to walk without assistance and suffers from memory loss and the inability to use his left arm.Among other medical problems.

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