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Irish woman finds shock at McDonald's command: "Is this true?"

There is nothing more disappointing than opening a food order and being disappointed to discover that the contents are not exactly what you ordered.

Consider this McDonald's customer. She claims she found an unexpected item in her McChicken sandwich.

This Irish woman was recorded by her boyfriend expressing her shock after taking a bite of her burger and pulling out what looked like a dandelion.

"My McChicken has flowers on her sandwich," she says, and she has the green part covered in mayonnaise.

"Is this really true?"

She then placed a mysterious green item on top of the hamburger box, which had yellow buds all over the stem. showed that there is

The unimpressive woman's video, captioned "Looks like a legendary chicken meal with flowers," has gone viral since it was shared on her TikTok on Sunday. It has been played over 2 million times.

The woman found a flower in her McChicken sandwich.

But while many sympathized with the woman's plight,

wrote, "I work for McDonald's. No, you didn't."

"Yes, Machy's workers, it can't be," agreed another.

Another said, "I work at McDonald's and can guarantee that everything is checked, so this feels planted."

et al. The person tagged McDonald's UK in the video and said, "You owe her a free meal for life."

"Sure, I always find these in my lettuce bag at work," said one user.

"It would have been in the lettuce mix. The staff wouldn't have known it was contaminated," claimed another. I don't know, but many people saw the funny side and said that fast food items had become "healthier". 1 person teased.

"But still better than bugs and plastic. Organic girls!" laughed another.

"The cost of living is so bad right now. They cheat us with dandelions instead of lettuce," joked someone else.

This isn't the first time hungry diners have found something unexpected in their Macca orders.A woman from Sydney recently claimed to have cockroaches crawling on her fries.

This woman posted photos of her shocking discovery on social media in April. Here's her caption:

As a result, McDonald's has launched an investigation into serious findings found in orders delivered via UberEats.

It is still unknown how the cockroaches got into the food, but Reddit users have posted several hypotheses.

"My guess is that he crawled in while our food was left at the front door at the wrong address for 30 minutes," said the woman.

Comments about the find spanned from sympathy to skepticism.

"I'm Australian and should be used to it. , but always give me snakes, spiders and rats over cockroaches.Those things are rebellious beyond words.”

I agree with the theory.

"Oh my god, the driver's car must have been a dumpster fire. I think that's the only way it got in there," one user commented.

"I haven't seen what's in the bag for Uber/Menulog or anything like that, but I think it's rank," said the second user.