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Rising ISIS in Syria is a threat to our American lifestyle

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The world experienced a lot of turmoil in 2022. With Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the continued growth of aggressive Iran's nuclear program, provocative China, and the re-emergence of Islamic State (ISIS) and al-Qaeda, the world remains a dangerous place. But one of the problem areas that deserves a new focus is northeastern Syria.

Northeastern Syriahas long served as a hub for the ISIS caliphate and a spiritual home. During the horrific reign of ISIS, operations against western targets were planned and deployed primarily in Raqqa, Syria. Never forget the 2015 ISIS terrorist massacre in Paris, France, the ISIS-inspired attacks in the United States, and the myriad other barbaric acts committed by ISIS forces around the world. ..

Thankfully, President Donald Trump has destroyed the caliphate of Syria and Iraq, and thanks to this action the world is a much better place. The Biden administration gained in the region by leaving about 900 U.S. troops in Syria, mostly in the northeast, and working with local combat forces to prevent ISIS from reappearing as it once did. Acted effectively to continue profits. However, this is complicated for a very special reason.

The looming issue in northeastern Syria concerns legitimate national security concerns of Turkey's North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies. The Syrian Democratic Army, the main army that relied on to destroy Syria's ISIS caliphate, is composed primarily of Kurdish groups known as the People's Defense Units (YPG), with US support. Turkey sees YPG as a threat to national security as it reports a relationship between Turkey and another group known as the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), a terrorist organization under US law. ..

US captures senior ISIS leader in Syrian RAID

I raised this issue at a Senate committee hearing a few years ago. Working to address Turkey's concerns that have identified and challenged the Obama administration. Unfortunately, nothing was done and Turkey moved to northeastern Syria a few years ago due to concerns about the Kurdish element of launching terrorist acts from northeastern Syria.

Our challenge to move forward is how to help those who helped destroy theISIS caliphatewithout compromising Turkey's national security. Is it done? This issue has plagued Republican and Democratic governments alike, but there is one thing for sure. It means that ignoring it will not solve it. Both the Trump and Biden administrations have sought to find a solution, but turmoil around the world has put this problem behind.

As ISIS is beginning to reappear in northeastern Syria, this issue needs immediate attention. An estimated 57,000 refugees live in the Alhor Internally Displaced Persons Camp in northeastern Syria, many of whom are women and children associated with the Islamic State and serve as hotbeds for ISIS recruitment. It is only a matter of time before this problem explodes, and there are many battles between the Turkish and Kurdish elements of Syria, as well as the threat of terrorism from ISIS. The largest beneficiaries of additional regional disputes will be ISIS.

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Travel to the area immediately And look forward to working with the Biden administration to find a solution to this growing problem. Recognizing Turkey's legitimate national security concerns, helping those who helped create a buffer zone between what Turkey considers to be a terrorist group and destroy the physical caliphate. It is essential to prevent ISIS from reappearing.

The solution I consider most feasible is to develop business relations between the Turkish government and the inhabitants of northeastern Syria while addressing Turkey's national security interests. .. In northeastern Syria, there are oil fields that can produce large amounts of oil with more investment. This benefits both the world oil market and the economies of northeastern Syria and Turkey. The best way to solve this problem in the long run is to win-win both security and economics for the residents of northeastern Syria and their allies in Turkey.

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This is a difficult problem to solve But it's essential that Congress and the Biden administration work together to find a solution before it's too late. When ISIS isprosperous in the Middle East, our way of life is threatened here at home. The benefits we have achieved to destroy the caliphate are at stake. The brewing conflict between our NATO ally Turkey and the troops in northeastern Syria is expanding day by day. Now is the time to act. The process of resolving this issue can be difficult, but working towards it is much better than ignoring the issue and having to deal with ISIS again. 

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