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If the winger wants to turn off the frames, the islanders need to push Johnny Godrow

If Johnny Godrow spurred a flame offer to maintain the explosive and electrically imminent free agent wing in Calgary, South Jersey Long island.

Just changing from Barry Trotz to Lane Lambert behind the bench and running back again won't work for Islanders and their general managers who also need shock. is.

There are certainly shots of Winger staying in Calgary after a season of competing Flames 40 goals and 115 points, where he has played all of his eight-year career. Calgary is the only team that can offer him an eight-year contract.

However, a wing that turns 29 before the start of the season can be pulled back east by gravity. Flyers will be Godrow. Devil's will participate in Godrow.

But does Gaudreau want to experience the John Tortorella experience for teams that scored 39 points in the playoffs and organizations that are deliberately unaware of their flaws?

And does Gordrow want to score 37 points in the playoffs and resume in New Jersey with a team whose ownership, management structure and head coach are hampering progress?

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Gord Draw affects the dangerously tilted aging curve Not on the other side of midnight, but he will certainly affect Matt Versal, and he will certainly affect teams whose baseline playoff style simply sacrifices too much throughout the 82 game season. Probably.

Everyone appreciates what the identity line meant to the islanders. At various times in the last few seasons, the Rangers have encouraged them to consider acquiring Matt Martin and Cal Clutterback. But it's time to change your identity. Of course, the basic lessons should and should be left as they are.

But the islanders need to be faster. They need to be more creative. They need to pose more threats with open ice. (The Rangers still need to be like the Rangers, but they need to be like the Rangers. Think about it.)

And the Islanders are 25-year-old Barzal — he. Didn't have 2021-22 to meet the criteria of — Why stay instead of choosing an unlimited free agent in 2024. Gordraw (399-609 in the 210-602 contest), who has above average points per game throughout his career, will be a pretty good start on top of that.

At a huge cost and cap space, Lamoriero has a combination of Semillon Barramov ($ 5 million cap hit), Josh Bailey ($ 5 million) and Antony Beauville ($ 4.15 million). There is room for maneuvering by eliminating it.


The Blackhawks say they are willing to accept the bad contracts that come with it. It seems that the assets and their Anaheim are also suitable for doing the same in the short term.

Permanent ne’er-do-well coyotes are always open to that type of business.

Jim Papin, who died last week at the age of 82, was a very good hockey player with a name reminiscent of Kenny Waram, Eric Nesterenko, Doug Mornes and others.

But what I remember most clearly about the winger on the last Maple Leaf Steam who won the cup in 1967 before being traded to Chicago was Ken Dryden's rebound on the left porch. Is a refusal. It was probably the biggest save in NHL history in Round 7 of the 1971 final.

Challenge: List the 10 men who played for Baron Cleveland. I will find you one papin.

Ryan McDonagh has never played in two Tampa Bay Stanley Cup games this time around. He was one of the candidates for Corn Smyth, especially in the 2021 repeat.

However, No. 27 played an important role in the final against the Rangers and continues to be an impressive physical presence that embodies all the qualities of the champion.

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But perhaps if he is trading, the problem is Tampa Bay , Earn more to McDonald's at the age of 33 than the Rangers won at the age of 28.

It's too early.

And it's no exaggeration to say that Lightning is away from all the previous cap teams, but with two straight cups and 11 straight series wins, the Islanders' four straight cups and 19 Do not mistake it for a straight. Series victory.

"But the cap" is not an equalizer.

Are you aware if your coach is stopped by US Hockey and the US? The Center for SafeSport, the country's other youth hockey associations, is not bound by the suspension, even if the coach is charged with endangering the welfare of the child after the incident on the ice.

Finally, Alexander Mogilny did not fail to be elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Hockey Hall of Fame Selection Committee has failed Alexander Mogilney.