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"It's pretty impossible to feel anxious": the herbal remedies behind the latest cocktail boom

Kat McDonough, 27, has had a fake ID since he was 14 and has been touring bars in his hometown of Massapequa, NY. rice field. She is one shot.

She "I love going out and I love being sociable," the petite blonde told the post.

After years ofheavy drinking, McDonough found a chance during a pandemic and decided tocalmly.

Still, she was worried about her social calendar filling up again and how to keep her. Then she came across her first hippo bar, Hippo Social, near an apartment in Brooklyn. She stopped by for a cocktail and was absorbed in it.

There are various credits as analgesics and muscle relaxants, antidepressants, insomnia relievers, and psychological cognitive boosters, but the hippopotamus, the root of the Pacific Islands, traditionally consumed as tea. Gives a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Wait a second.

Red velvet kava cocktail
Stefano Giovannini

Kava Social is after the owner Alex Sienkiewicz fell in love. It opened in January 2020. Ancient herbal remedies. Curious Sienkiewicz began tinkering with hippo cocktails after realizing that her "productivity level had gone through the roof".

Bars such as Williamsburg's Kava Social and Ka-Vá Kava Bar and Bushwick's Brooklyn Kava and Misfit Kava Bar are popular with millennial and Gen Z drinkers. History. As many of them calmly intrigue or seek to drink, the thirst fornon-alcoholic beveragesgrows.

Now the humble roots have become viral, with over 100 million videos on TikTok, a surge in hippo-related commerce, and everything from infused selzer to mint on the market. I am.

Kava Social owner Alexandra Sienkiewicz
Stefano Giovannini

"It has an advantage," said Sienkiewicz, owner of Kava Social. Explains the "soft feel" of the hippo. But that's not the only party. The hippo is calming, but it is not a sedative. As a result, many are looking to natural alternatives as social lubricants.

"It's pretty impossible to feel anxious about the hippo," said plant-based medical researcher Chris Kiram, who says that the active compound of the hippo, kavalactone, is the amygdala where anxiety is part of the brain. Said that he was working magic. I'm focused.

Sol Broady, the founder of Leiro, the first brand of fruity canned Kabaselzer, thinks it's more than just a trend. "People are always looking for a cure for the stress and problems of the day," he said, but said many Americans are becoming more aware of their physical and mental health.

Leilo canned kava sodas

The author of "The Dry Challenge", Hillary Shainbaum, posted his post. It explains as follows. Young drinkers "question what they are consuming and putting in their bodies," noting the incredible access to the information these generations have always had. Did.

"I think it's closely related. Now we have all these options to allow us to relax without any negative impact," she said.

Kat McDonough drinking kava while working on her laptop at Kava Social in Brooklyn.
Stefano Giovannini

Cava is not affected by scrutiny. Twenty-five cases in the United States and Europe have reportedly associated herbal remedies with severe liver problems. This is enough for countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom to implement regulatory controls.

People who study it — and consume it — quickly defend the well-established herbal remedies.

"Hippo is widely studied and has been consumed in the Pacific Islands for at least 1000 years. Science is deep, vast and widespread," Kilham said. I am.

"No one is angry with the hippo," Sienkiewicz said.