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James McCann on the Mets bench after being activated from the injured list

Miami — James McCann's goal of having surgery for a fracture of the hamate bone of his left wrist on May 17 returns faster than the 6-week rehab schedule. It was that. 

A mission accomplished for the Mets Catcher. 

McCann became active earlier than expected from the injured list on Friday and was on the bench when Mets started a three-game series with the Marlins. Manager Buck Showalter said he plans to start McCann on Saturday and Sunday. 

"I was aiming for this week, but I'm here," McCann told LoanDepot Park. 

Mets welcomes McCann's presence behind the plate and hopes he can bring about the attack that was lacking in position. In 21 games this season, he has one home run and six RBIs .196 / .266 / .286 slash lines. 

McCann's strong arms and relationship with the pitching staff were his most valuable asset. 

James McCann

He synchronizes with those pitchers. 

"I hope it's not too long," he said. "Hopefully the relationships we built early in the season can be resumed from where they left off. I played most West Coast games last week, except when I was playing at the same time [in a rehab game]. I literally saw all the pitches, including. I've been watching all the time just to see what's going on. 

"I'm using what the pitcher is using I'm paying attention to what I can comfortably use and trying to limit the time I missed as much as possible. " 

During a mission at Double A Binghamton, McCann rumbled on Tuesday. Reunited with Max Scherzer, who started the pony rehab game. Scherzer, who is rehabilitating from the tension to the left, was considering starting on Sunday for the Mets, but Team Brass shatters that idea and decides another course. 

McCann said it was "fun" to be able to reconnect with Scherzer in Binghamton. 

"I'm sharing the field with him and we're rehabing together, but when I see him start rehab with a double A, he's in the big league. Just like competing, I honestly think it's what he opened his eyes to young players when he saw how he did his business, "McCann said. "But it was fun to meet him." 

James McCann, Edwin Diaz

McCann initially thought he might come back earlier this week, but wrist pain postponed those plans. He admits that there are bouts of discomfort that must be dealt with, but the welfare of the team is his main concern. 

"This will be addressed in the coming weeks," McCann said. "This was the first major injury in my career that I had to have surgery and rehab. I wanted to fix it overnight, but I know it's not. There are still some ups and downs to deal with, but at the end of the day I'm ready to roll. " 

Show Alter put McCann on his right hand early in rehab. He said he appreciates his determination to return earlier than planned, even if he catches the pitcher with his gloves. 

"I don't think anyone has worked as hard as a Mac in rehab," says Showalter.