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January 6 Commission adds unscheduled hearing on Tuesday to reveal "recently obtained evidence"

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The January 6th Committeeannounced that it would hold a hearing on Monday at 1:00 pm. ET Tuesday reveals "recently obtained evidence" in an unexpected move after the Commission planned to promote hearings until July. 

The press release from the Commission did not elaborate on what the evidence was or what witnesses might exist. The Commission did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Fox News. 

The Jan. 6 Committee Monday announced that it will hold an unexpected hearing on Tuesday afternoon. 

The January 6th Committee , Announced on Monday as follows: An unexpected inquiry will be held on Tuesday afternoon.  (Alex Brandon / Pool via REUTERS)

January. 6 Commission hearing details of the Trump meeting where the Justice Ministry threatened mass resignation

In the press release, which member will lead the hearingNo details were given as to what was expected.In the past, one particular committee member led the question, in addition to chainman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) And co-chair Liz Cheney (R-Wyo). Many members have returned to their home states during the district's work, as the house is adjourned for the July 4th holiday.

Commission members continue to issue subpoenas and record testimony, despite having held several hearings in the last few weeks. Just this month, filmmaker Alex Holder submitted a live footage from the documentary he was working on to the committee and sat down to take a testimony. 

The Jan. 6 Committee has held several hearings in recent weeks, aiming to establish that former President Donald Trump is responsible for the attack on the Capitol. 

The January 6th Committee Several have been held in recent weeks with the aim of proving that former President Donald Trump is responsible for the attack on the Capitol.  ((AP Photo / Jose Luis Magana))

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Former Attorney General Bill Barralso met with the Commission earlier this month, but the video of his interview was already used in the hearing. I am.