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January 6 Commission gathers around Hutchinson in the onslaught of Trump World

"There seems to be a major thread here ... Tony Ornart likes to lie"Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R -Ill.) After tweeting Thursday, another former Trump White House official, Alyssa Farah, askedOrnath's honesty

Stephanie Murphy (Republican), another member of the January 6 committee,said in an interview with the NBCon Wednesday, Ornart said, like Hutchinson, "I remember this time. It wasn't clear. "

Their comments, repeated by other elected lawmakers and aides, were when the Commission began to rally around Hutchinson after her testimony painted a picture of Trump out of control. I came to.

Her appearance also caused a fierce backlash from Trump and his allies. And one of them, former Trump White House aide Keith Kellogg, said Ornath's oath testimony should be trusted.

"Like all USSS agents, he was very professional, careful and trusted in his daily routine," Kellogg met with an investigator in December. Tweeted. "I will bring his oath testimony to the bank."

A veteran of more than 20 years in the presidential protection department under former President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. Ornart, a secret service agent, was detailed to the White House by Trump in late 2019 and was appointed Vice President. A rare arrangement for staff chiefs and law enforcement officers. According to two people familiar with his appearance, he interviewed the special committee twice. Once in January and once in March.

In a January interview, Ornart spoke of various recollections of January 6th, including some skeptical views from the Commission, according to the person who explained the exchange. In it:

— Ornart told the selection panel that Trump might not have been aware of it at the time-Vice President Mike Pence on Twitterat 2:24 pm He was still in the Capitol when he attacked Pence. The tweet came minutes after the riots broke into the Capitol and, with many explanations from the scene, intensified the mob's anger. Mr. Ornart told the Commission that he had erroneously informed the then Chief of Staff Mark Meadows that Pence had been evacuated from the Capitol to his residence at the time of the tweet. It is unclear why Ornart first believed that Pence was taken from the Capitol grounds, or how long it took for the report to be corrected.

—The panel also asked Ornart about the January 6 riots from Trump. The mob had been violently attacking the police for hours, but demanded that they "maintain peace." Investigators asked if Trump thought he should have given the mob a stronger order to go home. Ornart told the Commission that Trump, or no one, could do anything more to stop the attack. Many other witnesses testified in opposition to Ornath. Trump claimed he was in a unique position to persuade the mob to leave the Capitol when the siege was dragged in.

The panel called Ornato to supplement the March testimony. It is unknown what he discussed with the investigator in subsequent interviews.

Ornart said this week after Hutchinson testified to telling her about Trump's actions in the president's car after speaking at a supporter's "Stop Stealing" rally on the morning of January 6. A thorough scrutiny was carried out. Hutchinson travels to the Capitol to gather supporters who disagree with the election results, remembers what Ornart said, and returns to the White House instead of the person responsible for the details of the secret service at the time participating in the protest. I was furious when I told him.

Hutchinson testified that Ornart said Trump was very angry. He made a physical move towards the handle and the clavicle of detail.

Her second-hand description was one of several scorching depictions she provided to a furious presidential committee with the intention of overturning his loss to Joe Biden. Hutchinson also provided pre-January details for Trump. Six meetings and efforts to overturn the election. She also testified on the morning of January 6 that Trump knew that some of his supporters were armed and would march to the Capitol.

Hutchinson said after the rally, Ornart explained the vehicle incident in a secret talk between her and Robert Engel, who is responsible for the details of Trump. She said Engel was not inconsistent with any aspect of Ornart's story at the time.

However, within hours of her official testimony, both Ornart and Engel appeared under the oath, with reports suggesting a contradiction to Hutchinson's explanation. Neither man has spoken publicly since Tuesday, but future contradictory testimony promises have caused anger among the Trump allies who claimed to distrust Hutchinson's overall appearance.

Later, other questions were asked about Hutchinson's testimony. A spokesperson for former White House lawyer Eric Hirschman, contrary to Hirschson's explanation, wrote a note on January 6th, not Hirschson, reflecting a proposed statement that Trump would submit in a riot. Said that he wrote in.

Hutchinson's lawyers, Jody Hunt and William Jordan, say she supports her oath testimony.

Secret service spokesman Anthony Griermi refused to respond to the details of Ornart's January testimony, or to criticisms that members of the special committee had begun to stay against him.

"I spoke with Mr. Ornart, and we share our direct account with the Commission under oath and records," Griermi said. "It is not appropriate to comment in the media before giving a formal speech to MPs."

Liz Cheney, Republican, Vice-Chair of the Election Commission, said Ornato. Did not criticize by name, but broadly defended Hutchinson's credibility in an interview with ABC's Jonathan Karl on Wednesday.

"I'm absolutely confident in her credibility. I'm confident in her testimony," said Chainy. "The Commission does not intend to monitor her personality assassinated by anonymous sources or men claiming executive privilege."

With Betsy Woodruff Swan Nicholas Wu contributed to this report.