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January 6 Hearing Jeffrey Clark accuses "Stasi-like" FBI investigation

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House January 6th Committee member Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill. Led the question of three Trump-era Justice Ministry officials. As a "true believer" in President Donald Trump's allegations of fraudulent elections.

Clark, who headed the DOJ's environmental department, told Fox News in line with the early morning FBI raid at his home in Lawton, Virginia. Let me change him.

At the hearing, former Attorney General Jeffrey Rosendespite Clark's accidental face-to-face contact with Trump and the cautious Ministry of Justice's policy on contact with the White House. He testified that he had discussed the theory of election theft.

Clark said the day before at 7:00 am he rushed to the front door when he heard "loud ... persistent bang".

Former Trump Justice Ministry official Jeffrey Clark's FEDS search home, sources say


"I quickly found out that there was an agent there. I could open the door and put on my pants. No, you have to go out, so I went out. "

Twelve FBI agents and two Fairfax, Virginia Clark said a county police officer entered his house and washed the house while confiscating his telephone and electronics.

"They brought me something I've never seen or heard, even a dog that detects electronic devices."

But Clark said. He does not blame the agent himself, suggesting that the alleged "weaponization" begins at the top of the FBI's leadership.

"There were states where multiple people were attacked for electronic devices at about the same time," Clark later claimed. "It obviously requires a high degree of tweaking."

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When asked about Ray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, Clark offered a fair trial to Clark's then-clients when the latter was a federal judge. I said I believed.

Ray added that he was a heartfelt colleague of the Justice Department when he was working under President George W. Bush.

"I think we live in an era that I can't recognize, and more and more I'm not recognizing the country because things like this Stasi are happening. "He said. Reference to the East German secret police.

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Another official who mentioned the lengthat the hearing on Thursday,Rep. Scott Perry Republicans also criticized the proceedings, stating in a statement that they had "never sought" Trump's amnesty for himself or other legislators, as alleged. did.

"This never happened," said Perry, a Camphill Republican who previously called the Commission "illegitimate."

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