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Jen Shah shakes designer handbags in court as fraudulent trial dates have been set

She has legal luggage. 

"Salt Lake City's Real Housewife" star Jen Shah appeared in Federal Court in Manhattan on Tuesday to conduct a preliminary hearing prior to her next criminal fraud trial. is retailed for over $ 2,000

Prosecutors revealed at a hearing that her longtime assistant pleaded guilty to a telemarketing program in November 2021 would testify to a flashy reality TV star. .. 

Judge Sydney Stein also set a trial date of July 18, stating that the proceedings in theFederal Court of Justice in Manhattanwill take about five weeks. 

In addition to the $ 2,500 red designer handbag, 48-year-old Shah wears a checkered black suit and a second smaller Louis Vuitton bag worth $ 19}. did. 

Her husband, Shariev Shah, accompanies a confused reality star in court and is tried by 16 juries after the case.

A date was set for Jen Shah’s trial Tuesday afternoon.
Alec Tabak
Jen Shah arrives at the Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse on July 5, 2022 in New York.
Alec Tabak

Shah is a telemarketing scam that encourages preying on older working-class Americans, investing in fake online projects, and selling fake business services. He was charged as a fraud leader. According to her bill, she was in 2012. 

"The defendant did not intend to actually get the promised profit for the investment the victim intended, and the victim actually gets such a profit. I didn't mean to, "said the unsealed complaint in March 2021, state.

Prosecutors in the Southern District of New York claimed that Shah and her co-defendant were motivated by the greed to steal money from hundreds of victims who flaunted their extravagant lifestyle. 

Shah pleaded not guilty to her indictment.