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Jerry Seinfeld said 'you're welcome' to Lisa Kudrow after 'Friends' exploded

Friends Stars Lisa Kudrow talks about contemporary shows on TV Jerry Seinfeld was one of those '90s ups that didn't hold back. The actress, who starred as Phoebe Her Buffay on her NBC sitcom, looked back at the early stages of her career when Seinfeld, who was the star of her own comedy, took credit for the show's success. .

Kudrow told The Daily Beast he.

"I remember going to a party somewhere. Jerry Seinfeld was there and I said 'Hello' and he said 'You're welcome.' …what?’” Kudrow recalled. "And he said, 'You are after us in the summer, and you are very welcome.' And I said, 'Exactly. Thank you.'gave Seinfeld next door some credit for raising friend's rating. , The Daily Beasttold: However, the ratings for the first season were fine.

She continued: It was where we exploded.

Friends came several years after Seinfeld, which premiered in 1989 and ran until 1998.

Long after it ended, Friends continued to attract new fans and retain old ones, while Kudrow The Daily Beast Potential for new Friends content is slim. After the cast assembled for last year's reunion, Kudrow said future projects like feature films were unlikely. }Friends Although "will be approached" about making the film, Kudrow said that she and her co-stars "never" and "no one." I would consider moving without [Kaufman and Crane]. But they always thought, "No, no." Here's what we did. Here is what I have for you."