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Jesse Watters: AOC doesn't work on my side of the corridor either

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Jessie Watters and "The Five" said Monday that crime in the AOC district had increased by 57% for her and that she met with New York City Mayor Eric Adams to address the issue. We talked about what we were doing nothing for.

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Jesse Watters: She hasn't spoken to the mayor of New York City in over a year. why not? Both are Democrats. Both are juice. Let's work together for the city. But she's petite so she doesn't do that. She doesn't work across the aisles. She doesn't even work her own side of the aisle. Now she can even take bacon to her home.As you know, her district doesn't have a single electric car charging station installed for her. And that's her main problem. Nowthe main problem for people in New York is crime.And she talks more about crime in Israel than here in New York City. I'm here. I went back and saw the press release on her website. She hasn't released Crime in New York in her year. 


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