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Jesse Watters on Abortion Decision: This was a Constitutional Victory

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FoxNews host Jesse Watters is Roe v. In response to the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Wade, "Jesse Watters Primetime" explains what that really means for Americans on Friday. "" 

JESSE WATTERS:To be clear, what happened today was neither a collapse of democracy nor a conservative victory. It's a victory for the Constitutionand for Americans watching power return to the legitimate place, the state,. was. And a state council that represents the will of the people in the border. 

The Washington DC Bridge was overthrown by ROEV.WADE 

Unfortunately, Democrats do not respect people. They force toddlers to wear non-functional masks, and when you complain, they drag you out of the meeting with a hand lock. 

They ignore the explosion of crime in a Democratic-run city where babies are being shot while releasing Ferron, and our borders I'm delighted to keep it wide open for criminals and drug cartels. They bring fentanil and we give them a green card. I was able to continue. Their contempt for Americans is clear. I have to stop.  

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We are better worth. "Prime time" respects people. The 10th Amendment, approved in 1791, states that "authorities not delegated to the United States by the Constitution and not prohibited by the state are reserved by the state or its citizens, respectively." People in the states we live incan decide on the issue of abortionAnd people in each state Trust in making their own decisions that they consider appropriate. As the left wing says, this is what democracy looks like.  

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