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Jesse Watters: Why do liberals want homeless people next to their children?

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Jesse Watters, on crime issues in Los Angeles and "The Five," opposes the proposed ban on homeless camps to help the homeless stay homeless. Emphasizes what liberals appear to be protesting.

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Jesse Watters: Why liberals put the homeless next to their childrenI mean, it's strange. Why did you protest by stripping the homeless half-naked and shooting drugs in front of the nursery school? why would you want to do that It's disgusting. There used to be real protest movements. They will protest against civil rights, women's rights, drafts. There is nothing left to protest. They are protesting homeless people smoking crack in front of a nursery school.

Protesters disrupt Los Angeles City Council vote to ban homeless camps near schools

If you want to protest, fine. Hmm. And if you're sticking with the homeless, OK, they're actually protesting the homeless staying homeless. I haven't created anything. They say, yeah, we want the homeless to stay sick,homeless and dirty and disgusting. we want that Dole tried to stop them from living depraved, disgusting, unhealthy lives next to their children. 

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