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Jets 'can't wait' for new opponent as Robert Sale announces Eagles plans

These Jets will face another team for the first time in Philadelphia on Friday night to start the preseason against the Eagles. Like all preseason openers, it carries an air of excitement until everyone involved remembers that the opportunity never existed. 

Case in point: Jets coach Robert There was no clever dodge when Surrey was asked about his game plan on Monday.He plans to do the same in year two as he did in year one. 

"I plan to play everyone in one or two series," he said Saleh. "So it's probably going to be quarters eventually. It's for the first group, and the second and third groups end the game." 

What's that? Do - and that's a better measure than practice. But it's not much. 

Last year, Saleh waited until his third preseason game against the Giants to give the starter a real run. That approach may change this year. He has been discussing the best way to move things forward with Giants coach Brian Dabor, but nothing seems to have been decided yet. 

Robert Saleh
Bill Kostroun/New York Post
Corey Davis
Bill Kostroun/New York Post

Despite a generally lackluster tenor in preseason football, the Jets are still excited to move on and show what they can do. To someone in a different uniform. 

"I can't wait," said receiver Corey Davis. "It's more competitive here, you run the route in front of the same guys. But it's good that you have to change the route a bit and make everything different. You'll be in front of a new face. 

Source Gardner will be watching as he debuts with the 4th overall pick in April's NFL Draft. 

"I can't wait," said Gardner. "That's what I pray for."[62][43][44]When told it was a little weird to sit on the bench in his first 15 minutes, Gardner chose the moment, saying, I focused on what was ahead. 

"It will give us something to look forward to when the regular season really begins," he said. 

LB Jamien Sherwood earned the nickname 'Florham Park Strangler' from Saleh last week. He takes it in stride, calling the name "pretty cool." ``It actually started with a special team. said. “So we do these drills – the goal is to compete, so I just put my arm on him. Become a Wrangler."