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Jets' Source Gardner won't back down from anyone on trash talk

He is the roaring mouth among the Jetkin, and no one can escape his cocky trash talk. 

Corey Davis, Elijah Moore, or Garrett Wilson. Or maybe Zach Wilson. Or it could be Mekhi Becton, whenever he returns from his knee terror on Monday, hoping the Jets won't intrude on the best plans of the Mice and Green and White Men. 

For those near No. 1, get your earplugs ready. 

"It's up to you," said Source Gardner. "Depends on who you fight. If I go against the best player, he probably deserves some of my energy, so you'll probably see more trash talk. But that's me I probably won't say too much if is just a man in control. 

It's part of his DNA. 

"Yeah, I used to do that all the time," said the source. "That's not to say I'm talking garbage like all snaps are, but it should make you feel like you have to." 

I told the source I was. 

For some reason, my media colleagues started giggling. 

For some reason, even Sauce chuckled. 

"No, I probably wouldn't talk to you trash," he said. "I expect to rule you. You're not there with a napkin every day, man. 

Sauce Gardner
Bill Kostroun/New York Post

I said, but you saw my tape. 

"Yes. It's true,' said the source, chuckling. 

The source gets a kick out of getting inside the recipient's head. 

"That's the good thing about Trash his talk. It takes people out of the game, goes extra and messes up his timing with his back in the quarter," he said. rice field. 

He expects veteran recipients to spit out their garbage on him. 

"Definitely," said the source. Asked how to deal with it, a source said: Simple. " 

Everyone is fair He's a game. 

"I talk to Zach sometimes and he laughs. We're teammates ' said the source. "I'm going to spoil Zach's story...even the aggressive linemen say sometimes I'm coming to the blitz, they better be ready, you know what I'm saying I know you are,” said the source, chuckling. "They're probably around 300 pounds and much stronger than I am, but I trash talk a lot." 

Sauce Gardner participates in drills at Jets training camp.
Bill Kostroun/New York Post

Sauce has since gained 8-10 pounds The Jets drafted him with the 4th overall pick, and recently had a long arm in the law. At 6 feet 3,198 pounds. "It could actually be faster and more explosive," said the source. 

Defensively his tackle Solomon Thomas went against Richard Sherman in San Francisco. 

"I think Source will be a young All-Pro like Richard Sherman," Thomas told the Post. He'll be a rookie, but he'll reach that level.He definitely has the talent to be on the level of Richard Sherman." 

Sauce is a fan of Jalen Ramsey, and so is Sherman. 

"Many thought he was primarily a cover 3-corner, but he was also good at playing man-his coverage," the source said. I was. "He probably wasn't the fastest, but I was watching how patient he was with things like scrimmage, and his length, so he reminded me of myself. 

Source's teammates love him dearly, how many rookie trash talkers. 

"Great guys," said Thomas. "If you can say some shit about a rookie and back it up, you're pretty special." 

Davis used his body to make his pass from Wilson to the middle midfielder against Source. I caught it. 

"He's not," said Davis. "He's got speed, he's got size, he's got physicality off the press. He and [D.J. Reed]. 

Sauce Gardner speaks at Jets training camp.{85] } Bill Kostroun/New York Post

Sources said nothing after Davis' catch. 

"He aloud And he's leading in the best way he knows how. To have a rookie come in and have that kind of impact is huge," Davis said. 

The Jets depth chart shows both Gardner and Bryce Hall starting at left cornerback, but the result is inevitable. 

"I watched all his highlights before he was drafted and he was crazy," said LB Jamien Sherwood. "He reminds me a lot of Jalen Ramsey. He's a trash talker and I like him as a long corner because his hands are so physical. I think he has a bright future in this league." 

I couldn't stand it when the sauce dropped off the podium. 

"Call me Sauce from now on," I told him. "Okay," said the source, and somehow laughed.