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Joe Biden inadvertently helped hunters pay for escorts linked to Russia: Report

Joe Biden inadvertently funded his son Hunter Dariens in a Russian-linked escort ring, reported Monday.

President Biden has wired $ 100,000 to his 52-year-old son to help pay his invoices from December 2018 to January 2019.The Washington Examiner reported, citing the laptop record left by Hunter Biden. Delaware computer repair shop.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden spent more than $ 30,000 on sex workers between November 2018 and March 2019. Records show that many are linked to Russian-based email addresses and connected to an "exclusive modeling agency" called UberGFE. The outlet reported.

Joe Biden sent $ 5,000 to a hunter while his son was "actively involved" in one escort, adding to his stay in a drug rehabilitation program in New York. I'm sure I'll send you $ 20,000. Report.

In a series of reports in October 2020, the post was first, based on documents and data found on laptops, the commerce of President Biden's second sonin Ukraine and China. I explained in detail about.

Hunter Biden is currently under a federal investigation into the possibility of tax evasion resulting from foreign commerce, and Republican lawmakers have told his longtime partner Eric Schwerin. I would like to submit a documentthat I believe will link the President. Their relationship.

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden left a laptop at a computer repair shop in Delaware that contained about 22,000 emails, as well as photos and videos. ..
Hunter Biden records donating more than $ 30,000 to Russian escorts between November 2018 and March 2019 Shows.

The cell phone backup message included in the laptop first revealed that Joe Biden knew some of the money he was sending to his son. There is no sign that it was excavated by the examiner. Spent by sex workers.

In a message addressed to a woman named Eva in February 2019, Hunter Biden tried to pay a worker with a Russian email account to UberGFE's contact, causing the account to freeze temporarily. Said it was done. For his bank. "

Eva mentioned in her text message using the hunter's name, Robert, as her picture shows. She also asked him to send money by wire, "as he did before," the message said.

"Send Julia. I'll give you cash," hunter replies, as the screenshot shows.

"OK," Eva replied.

In another example, the Washington Examiner said Joe Biden had wired $ 5,000 to a hunter within three hours before filming a dispute with an escort over a $ 10,000 payment at a Boston cottage. I reported.

Hunter Biden Laptop

Eva will be in Hunter Biden 16 hours in January 2019 While instructing him to transfer funds to a bank account linked to a woman with a Russian email address, the escort will be $ 9,500.

In less than 90 minutes, Hunter Biden received an email saying "Joseph R. Biden Jr.". He was sending him $ 5,000 through the Cash App. According to the report, Joe Biden's assistant at the time, Richard Ruffner, also sent a text message to the hunters, stating that the weekly limit has been the most allowed since "$ 7,500."

Joe Biden later sent a text message to the hunter to see if the money had passed, but that night he didn't respond. A text message is displayed.

Hunter Biden appears to be disagreeing with Eva in a text message about her payments, and according to her report, has he hurt her? I asked her and sent her a video of her talking to her escort. ..

"Have I ever done anything ... but in honor," Hunter Biden asked.

Hunter Biden at the time claimed that he was so broken that he couldn't afford to rent skis in a text message to his girlfriend, Harry Biden, who turned to his sister-in-law., according to the report, just one day before shooting a video with a sex worker.

Hunter Biden has donated a total of more than $ 30,000 to Russian escorts related to Eva and UberGFE between November 2018 and March 2019, records show.

Hunter Biden also searched online for "dc Russian escort", visited the UberGFE website and used the iPhone XS, a copy of the abandoned laptop show, to be a Boston sex worker. I searched for.

Joe Biden said he was not involved in Hunter's business, but Republicans said Schwerin had 27 White Houses and other official venues during the Obama administration, where Biden was Vice President. He points out that he visited several times.


Eva pays Hunter Biden for 6 weeks of escort service I had to chase. According to the report, she finally instructed him to transfer funds to a bank account linked to a woman with a "clearly Eastern European name".

Hunter Biden and the White House lawyers did not respond to requests for comment and personnel from UberGFE, the Washington Examiner reported.

"When the neon lights flashed that the hunter was in danger, he realized he was pushing a huge amount of money on Hunter Biden and used that money to make it even more dangerous. Recognizing that he is exposed to, he can sympathize with Biden's love for his troubled son — and with Russia everywhere, "former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy told Outlet.

McCarthy goes on to say: Security clearance.