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John Lee will be the new leader in Hong Kong. What you need to know

JOrn Lee will become the new leader in Hong Kong on July 1st and will be sworn in by President Xi Jinping of China

Lee will run“patriots”cities last year, with anti-government protests hitting the city in 2019 and China's SAR last year. Lee was the only candidate to lead a city of 7.5 million people. He won more than 99% of the votes in a secret ballot of about 1,400 members of the Pro-Beijing Election Commission.

He will replaceCarrie Lam. Carrie Lammonitored the worst anxieties ofdecades during his tenure, killing thousands of people in early 2022, the deadly fifth wave of COVID-19. I monitored it. Unvaccinated elderly — despite two years to prepare for a serious outbreak. Disputed and ongoing crackdowns on zero COVID restrictions have led to an escape from the city. Inequality worsens, city GDP declines4% in the first quarter

Lee with a five-year term arrivesPromised a "new chapter" in Hong Kong. Here's what you need to know about Lee and what his leadership means for Hong Kong.

Who is John Lee?

Lee has been the city'sPrincipal Secretaryand one of the highest government officials since 2021. A 64-year-old woman who began her police career supervised. Crackdown on Anti-Government Protests in 2019

Lee was grantedby the US Treasury in 2020 for his role in enforcing National Security Act37} It has been used to crack down on objections and for his role in "forcing, arresting, detaining, or imprisoning individuals" under the law. Lee said he "ridiculed the so-called sanctions" and called the United Statesbully

. At a May meeting with Mr. Lee in Beijing, Xidescribed Mr. Lee as"resolutely, boldly responsible and proactive."

Steve Tsang, director of SOAS China Institute, told TIME that Lee's police career suggests that he is "accustomed to following orders and ordering."

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What he does Did you promise?

In April, Lee enacted and banned one of his priorities, theLocal Security Act, in addition to the Beijing-enacted National Security Act of 2020. Said to do. Acts of rebellion, separation, incitement or destruction against the central government.

The next CEO also said that as part of the Greater Bay Area Plan, Hong Kong's economy will be integrated with the neighboring Guangdong Province to address inequality and housing issues.

Lee is also trying to restore Hong Kong's position as a global financial hub. He said he is already working on a strategy to reopen the border, but the government is swift or meaningful for the seven-day hotel quarantine currently needed for the next traveler who is frustrating the city's business. It is unclear if any changes will be made.

What does Lee's leadership mean for Hong Kong?

Beijing clearly shows expectations for Lee. In June, the State Council Hong Kong Macau Secretariat, which is the main body of China's Hong Kong issue, issued a statementthat set the goals of the new administration. The new government called for ensuring Hong Kong's integration in mainland development, addressing housing issues and inequality, and strengthening its international competitiveness.

When Britain returned Hong Kong to China in 1997, Hong Kong was guaranteed "high degree of autonomy" for 50 years under a political model called theone country, two systems.This gives the city ample room to carry out its own affairs, including independent judiciary, freedom of assembly, the press, and speeches.

One of Beijing's goals for Lee is to correctly implement theone country, two systemsframework. Before the 2019 protests, SOAS's Tsuang said that Hong Kong was treated as a special administrative region in itself, and the people of Hong Kong and other countries had a one country, two systems framework and a high degree of autonomy. Beijing had a different view, which it tolerated, but did not necessarily accept the bohemian Hong Kong. Following the protest, Tsang says Beijing will only accept its own interpretation of those terms. Already, much of Hong Kong's freedom has been affected by post-protest crackdowns, and Beijing has played a more active role in managing the Hong Kong affair. Lee was chosen by Beijing to implement the Beijing version, he says. Lee must have accepted that this is what he has to do or is willing to do so. "

" This makes [Lee] in Beijing and Hong Kong. Unlike all previous CEOs in Hong Kong who were in principle responsible for both people and tried to change the degree to maintain a pretense of balance, "Tsang says. "The old Hong Kong ends with a Lamb watch, and the new Hong Kong could be fully established under Lee, not an extension of Shenzhen, but would resemble the mainland."

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