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(CNN)Let's take a look at the life of former Deputy Secretary of State John Negro Ponte.


Date of Birth:July 21, 1939

Date of Birth :London, England

Birth name:John Dimitri Negroponte

Father:Dimitri John Negroponte, Captain

Mother:Catherine (Kumantaros) Negro Ponte

Marriage:Diana (Billier) Negro Ponte (December 1976-Present)

Children:Marina, Alejandr, John, George, Sophia

Education:Yale University, B.A., 1960

Other facts

Speaks 5 languages: English, French, Greek, Spanish and Vietnamese.

I attended Harbor Draw School for a week. He left after being accepted by the Foreign Affairs Bureau.

All his children were hired from Honduras.

When he was the ambassador of Honduras, he was accused of knowing that human rights violations were taking place. Negroponte denies these claims.


1960-1997-A member of Career Foreign Services, working in eight different posts in Europe, Asia and Latin America doing.

1968-1969-Members of the US delegation to Paris will negotiate peace in Vietnam.

1973-1975-Served as a political counselor in Kito, Ecuador.

1975-1977-US Consul General in Tessaroniki, Greece.

1977-1979-Assistant Secretary of State for Marine and Fisheries Issues.

1980-1981-Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia Pacific.

1981-1985-Honduras US Ambassador.

1985-1987-Assistant Secretary of State for Marine and Environmental Science Issues.

1987-1989-Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Issues.

1989-1993-US Ambassador to Mexico.

1993-1996-US Ambassador to the Philippines.

1997-2001-McGraw-Hill Companies Executive Vice President.

2001-2004-US Ambassador to the United Nations.
April 19, 2004-President George W. Bushhas nominated Negroponte as the US Ambassador to Iraq.He was confirmed by the Senate on May 6th.

February 17, 2005-Bush has appointed Negroponte as the country's first director of national intelligence. He was confirmed in the Senate on April 21st.

January 5, 2007-Bush has appointed Negroponte as Deputy Secretary of State.

2007-2009-Deputy Secretary of State.

2009-Advisory FarmParticipated in McLarty Associates.

2012-2015-Chairman of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) Board of Directors.

2018-Present-He is a prominent professor of James R. Schlesinger at the Miller Public Affairs Center at the University of Virginia.

February 13, 2020-Negroponte's daughter, Sophia, was arrested after being accused of stabbing a man at her home in Rockville, Maryland. And was charged with murder. Her trial is scheduled for December 2022.