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Jonathan Turley details what to expect in edited Trump Mar-a-Lago affidavit

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Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, said the editorial was used to obtain the FBI's search warrant for the search of former President Trump'sMar-Arago mansion. Discussed what should be expected in the affidavit filed. After Magistrate Justice Bruce Reinhart said on Thursday that at least part of it would be released.

Jonathan Turley: I am a little surprised that he thought he was the one to sign the warrant and confirm the affidavit. I think he was the proper order to remand to the DOJ. You see, many of us expected him to turn over to the Justice Department, which has a long record of using these arguments to prevent disclosure to criminal defendants. The problem is that theDepartment of Justice is pretty notorious for using redaction. They have a kind of perverse incentive here. Over-editing increases the chances that the judge will not agree. That means you can appeal and delay publication even further. 


So they have the odd incentive that the more they edit, the more time they are likely to get. But we need to see if this judge is willing to negotiate with the Justice Department to say that this is going too far. I have always said that I believe parts of this affidavit can be released without undermining the investigation. Not because I saw an affidavit, I've seen many other affidavits. Many affidavits contain material that does not necessarily undermine the investigation. And one of the things that interests us most is what the Trump team already knows. That is, the period of communication between June and the raid. Did they tell the court what happened in those communications? According to the Trump team, they dutifully reported that there was cooperation and that all other avenues had been exhausted Is this the type of information you can provide in a redacted affidavit? 

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