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Jonathan Thali "Suspicious" Texas County Can Declare Border Invasion

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Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley told the American Newsroom Tuesday that he was skeptical that theTexas authorities would hold up the border invasiondeclaration in court.

"I think I'm skeptical. As it is said in Texas, this dog doesn't hunt. They rely on the warranty clause of Article 4 Article 4 and It deals with aggression. Constitutional scholars have long interpreted it to mean an actual foreign aggression in the form of an army, an organized army. " 

"I don't think the court will seriously consider expanding the term aggression to cover this."

Multiple {16 on Tuesday } Texas Countywill declare that the immigration crisis at the southern border is an "aggression," Fox News learned. Similar declarations throughout the state.

ARIZONA AG BRNOVICH announces legal opinion proclaiming a border crisis "aggression" under the Constitution

Coverage of the border crisis picked up as Title 42 was set to expire.

Title 42 was due to expire, so coverage of the border crisis was taken up. rice field. (John Moore / Getty Images)

Judge Tally Shahan of Kinney County said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon, many other officials. We will announce this move together. From other counties joining him.

Kinney County lawyer Brent Smith told Fox News Digital that he believed that about 12 to 15 counties could declare an invasion by the end of the month.

immigrants reached historic levels, met more than 239,000 immigrants in May alone, declared in a conservative circle There was considerable debate about the benefits. The crisis is an "aggression", which can open up many potential legal means to the state.

Former Office of Management and Budget (OMB) director Russ Vought and former Department of Homeland Security deputy secretary Ken Cuccinelli, both currently at the US Department of Homeland Security, have declared to the GovernorArizona policeor order the National Guard to eliminate illegal immigrants to Mexico.

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Thali warns allAmericansThe number of immigrants who illegally cross the border has been exceeded.

"This is really breathtaking and we are influxing," said Tarley, who said the solution was a more political issue. I emphasized that there is. 

"It's not a constitution, it's a matter of ability. It leads to the failure of the Biden administration, which made less collaborative efforts to stop the flow. But I'm federal. The court does not believe it will give a lot of credibility to the expansion of the [Constitutional] warranty clause. "

Fox News' Adam Shaw contributed to this report.

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