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Julia Hart has 'dirt' on her hands in fight over ex Silvio Scalia's business: Judge

Netflix star Julia Hart is not an equal owner of her estranged husband's company, according to a judge who ruled that her hands were " There is "dirt".

The star of the reality show "My Unorthodox Life" claimed to own half of Elite World Group's parent company, Freedom Holding Inc. — hence EWG.

Haart, former creative director of La Perla, has filed for divorce fromItalian billionaire Silvio Scaglia, who was fired in February. andlater called him "a liar and a deceiver." She has her millions from her share of freedom.

The full behind-the-scenes battle is detailed in his newly published 52-page opinion paper by Morgan T. Zahn, Vice Chancellor of Chancery Court, Delaware It has been. He and Hart dominated the Elite World Group despite professing to be equal partners.  In fact, according to the view, Scaglia had only transferred his 49.9995957% of the company's preferred stock, or less than 50% of his shares, one-half of which was EWG's. held control of.

In response to Haart's initial allegation that Scaglia has "dirty hands" (a legal allegation that he was involved in wrongdoing that should prevent him from winning a lawsuit), Zurn wrote: Hands reveal stains on the heart.

Haart (far left) claimed that her firing from Elite World Group, her estranged husband Silvio Scaglia's (center) company, was invalid because she was a 50% owner.

Ultimately, the court held: Freedom's preferred stock percentage" and she was "powerless" to stop Freedom from firing her. said like

In April, Hart, 51, said on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" that her estranged husband of 63 was "not allowed" to fire her. 34} .

"He wasn't allowed to fire me because we share a company," she said.

Hours after Haart was fired in February, she filed for divorce from Scaglia.
Craig Barritt/Getty Images for The Elephant Family and Elite World Group
In an interview with “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" (above), Haart claimed her husband had no right to fire her.
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However, the 51-year-old brunette claims she was caught off guard by Scalia's actions. Despite this, the judge added: , "Hart knew that by January 2021, at the latest, she would own less than 50% of Freedom's preferred stock," because of her possible divorce. Because I was collecting company documents about sex.

Zurn also parrots Haart to her Scaglia corporate accountant, Jeffrey Fineman , that she owns half of her Freedom. "I tried to put pressure on him," he said.

"Haart continued to rely on her Feinman after this lawsuit began," she added Zurn. "When Feynman complained about Hart's unpaid bills, Hart replied: Help! The truth will come out first and you know me better than anyone else."

Orrick Herrington & Peter A. Bicks of Sutcliffe and Scaglia lead attorney , on page 6, says: “After seeing Mr. Scaglia testify live, I decided he was credible, and Mr. Haart, by contrast, was in open court on Freedom’s equity ownership. Because I fabricated the truth in , I decided that "I have dirt on my hands." Thanks to the court for clarifying that Scalia controls her EWG owner, Freedom, and that Hart's dismissal was perfectly legal.

Hart's other attorney, Marty Singer, said the judge's ruling "confirmed his consent to transfer to Mr. Hart his 49.9995957% of preferred or voting shares, He acknowledged the existence of a document signed by Mr Scalia.

While Milito added:  "Ms. Hart disagrees with the final decision and will appeal. However, if it does, the final evidence proving Scalia's fraud against his wife. Hart has already sought relief in the Supreme Court of New York."