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A July 4 column by the LA Times editorial board argues that the Supreme Court's suspension is an "act of patriotism."

New L.A. Times column claims conservatives and Supreme Court are threatening America's institutions. 

In the New L.A. Times column, conservatives and the Supreme Court are in the United States. Claims to threaten the institution. 

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In the July 4 op-ed titled "America, Still Independent, Still Free, Still in Danger",L.os Angeles TimesThe editorial board recalled the great struggle of our country. There has been a "bloody division" with England, which I have faced since condemning the current crisis for conservative Americans. In the

column, through the "generation of struggle," the United States wins "liberation, empowerment, equality, opportunity, etc." in "democratic institutions such as elections, presidents, courts, laws, and constitutional amendments." He said he made it solid. ..

However, the Board said, "As we keep the 247th Independence Day, our confidence in these institutions has been greatly shaken." Each threat to these institutions was from the right in the columns detailed below. 

The first threat to the American institutions nominated by the Board was the threat of the story offormer President Donald Trumpand his stolen election. The defeated president plans to stick to power beyond the end of his term by instilling distrust in the election system and working with mobs who have invaded the Capitol.

Bashing on July 4th was justified after the best court'declared a war against women'NJGOV. MURPHY TELLS CNN

Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., makes remarks during the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol.

President Benny Thompson, D-Miss, speaks during the Election Committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. (Photo courtesy of Tom Williams / RollCall via CQ-GettyImages, Inc)

Then L.A. The Times claimed a conservative majority of the Supreme Court. Similar to the January 6th Capitol Hill riot, it represented a threat of existence to American institutions.

First, he claimed that the court composition was created by "cheating." "We live with the Supreme Court. Its membership was partially determined by what hits us as partisan cheating. Senate leaders refuse to hear about Barakuobama candidates. But just before Trump's re-election defeat, he rushed to confirm Donald Trump's candidates, "the board wrote.

Later, this article condemned the recent Supreme Court ruling, "We deprived hard-earned rights and freedoms, such as the right to end a woman's pregnancy, and others. I'm reading the opinion from the court that threatens people. Freedom including intimacy and rights between adults who agree to marry. "

Abortion-rights protesters gather outside the Supreme Court in Washington, Friday, June 24, 2022. The Supreme Court has ended constitutional protections for abortion that had been in place nearly 50 years, a decision by its conservative majority to overturn the court's landmark abortion cases. 

Protesters of the right to abortion gather outside the Supreme Court of Washington, Friday, June 24, 2022. The Supreme Court has terminated its constitutional protection against abortion, which has been in place for nearly 50 years. This is a conservative majority decision to overturn the court's groundbreaking abortion case.  ((AP Photo / Jose Luis Magana))

The Board added: The spread of dangerous weapons in our streets and the limitation ofexistence and urgent and imminent, such as the limitation of the release of emissions into our air that is destroying the earth and endangering life itself. As a regulation of importance.

Citing President Abraham Lincoln's speech, "Weaken the United States if the same adventurous spirit that liberated the United States is not checked by respect for human protection laws, precedents, and contracts." "Dignity and freedom," he said, arguing that mobsters and unruly courts threatened to destroy the country.

On July 4, NPR declares a declaration to read tradition for the discussion of "equality"

Suffering from both the passion of the mob and the judgment of the court, it is far from plain. We observe this independence anniversary when our institution can no longer guarantee that they will perpetuate themselves or that they will fall into the wrong hands. Serve us. " The 

column states that suspending the conservative Supreme Court is "the same as the struggle of many generations since 1776, which has sought to complete this still imperfect democracy. It was concluded with the claim that it was such an important act of patriotism.

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L.A. Times editorial board blames Former President Donald Trump and his supporters for threatening stability of the U.S. 

L.A. Times editorial board accuses former President Donald Trump and his supporters of threatening US stability  (Getty Images)