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Fireworks on July 4th significantly reduce the quality of the atmosphere in the United States and pose a health risk: meteorologists

What would happen to Independence Day without fireworks? It turns out to be much healthier. Studies across the United States have shown that the red glare of the first rocket and the quality of the air are significantly reduced when the bomb explodes into the air.

"It's very dangerous to be downwind of a big fireworks event," said Paul Walsh, a meteorologist and general manager of "Fireworks also release particulate matter, including what is called heavy metals ... it's really bad to inhale it."

Dangerous air quality levels range from morning to 5 days It lasts until the afternoon. In most cases in the United States, the winds settle at night as the sun sets. Then the earth begins to radiate the heat it has absorbed from the sun. As cold, dense air settles on the surface, warm air (less denser than cold air) rises into the atmosphere.

Cold air traps contaminants such as smoke and heavy metal particles on the surface and inhales there. This is called temperature reversal. The warm air in the upper layer is like the lid of a pot in the atmosphere, stabilizing and keeping everything still. The atmosphere needs wind to mix stagnant air and sunshine to heat the ground and raise warm heat to improve air quality.

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"July 4th in New York City last year, just fireworks It was the third most polluted city in the world, "said Walsh, citing data published by IQAir. "And in LA, they had a dangerous aerial condition that lasted quite a long time in a large area around Los Angeles. Even sparklers emit toxic gas."

Air Quality Officials In the Los Angeles area, warnings have already been issued on the 4th and 5th. 

"Particulate breathing affects a variety of cardiovascular and respiratory health, including heart attack, worsening asthma, decreased lung function, coughing, and dyspnea. It can cause effects. People with heart or lung disease can die prematurely, "the South Coast Air Quality Control District said in a press release. reports that New York City has relatively good air quality, with an average score of 3,628 out of 6,475 cities. One is the most polluted and 6,475 is the cleanest city. As a result, New York regularly has higher fares than half the world's cities, except on July 4th.

The American Pyrotechnics Association reports that the United States launched £ 50.6 million in professional fireworks and £ 102 million in consumer / backyard fireworks in 2020. 

Fireworks are mainly made of gunpowder, chemical colorants, metal, paper and plastic. Fireworks explode, releasing gas and fine particles into the atmosphere along with smoke, color, and noise. Some of the gas and particulate matter settle on the surface of the earth or are carried by the wind to another town. 

Copper, lead, sulfur, cadmium, aluminum, manganese, arsenic, iron powder, strontium, barium, antimony, benzenetoluene, fireworks release.

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Researcher In India, we have discovered that particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone and other air toxins remain in the air for five days after the Diwali Festival fireworks. That level was more than 2,800% above the limits set by the World Health Organization. A study of 

Minneapolis found that 180-600% of the particles that could be inhaled and accumulated in the lungs and bloodstream were 180-600% on the 4th. Showed that it increased. The one on the evening of the 3rd. Carbon monoxide levels increased by 32%. 

Protect yourself and your family

Local air quality authorities and the CDC have some recommendations for avoiding pollution.

  • Sit upwind and fireworks staging area. (A breeze blows smoke away from you.)
  • Look at at least 500 feet away from the show.
  • If you are attending the show, try wearing an N-99 or higher N-99 mask.
  • Infants, older Americans, and those underlying respiratory illness should consider enjoying the show from a television or closed window. Replace the HVAC filter before the 4th. Move the air purifier to a high position.
  • Pay attention to the air quality level in the area.