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The July 4th parade slaughter again shows that there is no safe place from the transmission of the American mass murder.

(CNN)AmericanThe latest mass shootingis important from the scene of patriotic joy The July 4th parade is one of fear and death.

The rapid explosion of powerful rifles has brought to one of the country's most unified rallies the ruthless reality that no one can be sure that it is safe everywhere.

At that moment,Highland ParkjoinsUvalde, Colombine, Newtown, Parkland and is known nationwide for the slaughter of innocent people. A long list of cities and towns The transmission of gun violence that makes the United States out of the developed world.

Scattered debris on the scene, lonely shoes, abandoned backpacks, upward camp chairs, empty strollers, just tell the story of the rushing panic of those who fled for their lives. There was not. It reflected yet another scene of normality shattered by mass shooting. In this case, six people who simply went out to celebrate America on their birthday are dead. According to doctors, more than 20 people between the ages of 8 and 85 are injured.

Only the venue on Monday (the day dedicated to the national celebration) has changed. Similar horrors occurred in May at elementary schools in Texas and supermarkets in Buffalo, New York. Massive shootingsoflast month targeted graduation parties in Texas and South Carolina. In Philadelphia, shooters sprayed nightlife crowds. In Tarsa, Oklahoma, there was a genocide at a medical center. In Brooklyn, the shooter was on the subway.
Monday's highland park police vehicle television photo rushed to help under the swelling American flag, adding an ironic, new dimension to this latest horror. It happened when Americans gathered to celebrate the 246th anniversary of the freedom inherent in America's independence. However, what was unfolded encapsulated the typical American death cycle of firearms. It was shocking because it was unusual when the shooters killed three people in a shooting at a mall in Copenhagen, Denmark on the weekend. However, while the shooting outside Chicago on Monday was unexpected, another mass shooting in the United States was not surprising.

"It is devastating that the American celebration was torn apart by our unique American plague," said J.B. Pritzker, Governor of Illinois. "The day dedicated to freedom has completely relieved the only freedom we refuse to support as a nation, the freedom of our fellow citizens to live without fear of gun violence every day."

Shocked inhabitants talk about days of horror

Still, the wealthy, mostly white suburban inhabitants of the prosperous Jewish community do not He expressed shock that such fears visited their town.

A victim injured on the sidewalk, a family fleeing with the children in fear, and a manrelated scenewho put the children in a dump for safety.

This was "unthinkable in a community like Highland Park," Jeffreon, a witness who first thought the rifle pop was a fireworks on July 4, told CNN. Told.

Democratic lawmaker Brad Schneider, who represents the 10th Parliamentary District of Illinois, expressed similar distrust. "No one thinks this can happen in our community, but it applies nationwide," he told CNN Kaitlan Collins. Dr. Brigham Temple, Emergency Response Medical Director of the North Shore University Health System, told reporters:

The general feeling of those involved in such mass shootings is the distrust that their community, which they thought was safe, was hit. But in a country full of guns, there is no immunity anywhere. Even at the July 4th celebration, which was completely safe across the country, no attendees were momentarily worried about their safety. Having to think about the possibility of mass shooting in schools, movie theaters, worship halls, etc. is now a part of life because it happens so often. This is another weight of anxiety and stress on the national spirit tense by the Covid-19 pandemic, soaring inflation, and the vicious political division ofthat contributed to the pessimistic mood of July 4. ,

There is almost no gun violence New in American society. However, the proliferation of deadly weapons has forced people across the United States to face the long-standing concerns of those familiar with the horrific firearm sacrifices in the city.

We haven't received so much coverage. But, for example, the high-profile shootings at Uvarde and Highland Park have been done elsewhere against the backdrop of constant killings. According to the

Gun Violence Archive{58, there have been at least 311 mass fires in the United States so far this year, 14 of which were in the first four days of the month. }

And that's only July.

Gun Control Politics

Suspect Robert E. Climo III was detained near Lake Forest, Illinois, officials said in a brief press conference. Monday night after the one-hour manhunt mentioned in.

Sgt. Chris Coveli, Lake County's Major Criminal Task Force, said earlier that day that the firearms used for shooting were "powerful rifles," but did not provide further details. If confirmed, it will be the latest opportunity for mass fire to use weapons with the ability to quickly fire multiple rounds with deadly effects.

President Joe Bydenand firearms security advocates have called for a revival of the national offensive weapons ban that expired in 2004. However, such measures are unlikely to pass. Republican opposition in the US Senate for a parliamentary obstruction rule that requires a majority of 60 votes in major legislation. Democrats with wafers are unlikely-the thin majority can pass it on their own, and they lack the votes needed to change the rules of agenda. The mass shooting of
Highland Park has received public attention for the first time since's first major gun safety lawwas passed in parliament for generations. Whether that measure could prevent this tragedy by pouring new money into mental health resources and potentially slowing the pace at which people under the age of 21 get their guns, or the incident to its limited extent. It's too early to know if to reveal. The families of Byden and the victims of the recent gun slaughter begged Congress to do more, but Republican opposition passed a meaningful review of the Firearms Act, including an expanded background check. Makes it almost impossible to do.

The July 4 vacation was an immediate political reaction to the Republican genocide on Monday, even though Democrats such as Vice President Kamala Harris and Pritzker demanded that gun restrictions be tightened. Meaned that there was almost no.

In America's constant mass shooting ritual, Republicans may try to point out other factors besides the availability of guns. It is true that most gun owners in the United States comply with the law. However, logic suggests that the large spread of American guns is associated with a higher incidence of genocide compared to other countries. And it's clear that more and more people have guns-what the National Rifle Association calls "good guys with guns" -not stopping all of these killings.

Second Amendment Activists claim that the right to possess a powerful weapon is within the rights of all Americans in possession of the weapon. And the majority of the conservative US Supreme Court has set out to relax the restrictions on existing guns. All of this suggests that Monday's shootings do not take action to make America safer. The big rise in passing the limited gun safety law last month suggests that the grid-locked political system is already doing what it can tolerate.

Still, recent large-scale shootings raise the same issue. This is especially serious on the day America celebrates freedom.

Why does the right of those who claim to have the constitutional blessings of possessing such deadly weapons outweigh the rights of others to life? Especially because the majority of Americans favor more comprehensive gun control. And why, for example, moms, dads, children, or grandparents have to run so often for their lives?

"It can happen anywhere," Miles Zaremsky, who witnessed a shooting at Highland Park, told CNN on Monday afternoon. "I've lived on this planet for years and what I've observed has shaken me at the core."

"If it could happen on July 4, Highland Park It can happen in a community that adheres to peaceful laws in. It can happen anywhere. "