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Jury trials admit Eric Holder was found guilty of murdering rapper Nipsey Hussle

Los Angeles jury convicted Eric Holder on Wednesday for the murder of rapper Nipsey Hussleoncedid. 

The jury (composed of nine women and three men) discussed for about seven hours before returning with a unanimous verdict on Wednesday morning. The

holder stood quietly in front of Judge H. Clay Jacke of the Los Angeles Superior Court when his predecessor read the verdict. He faces the greatest sentence of his life without the possibility of parole.

The jury also had two men standing with Hustle outside the rapper's marathon clothing store on March 31, 2019 ( Kelly Reisan and Shelmicer Binta Villanueva). Was convicted of manslaughter. 

Holder fired more than 10 ammunition at the group.

He was initially charged with shooting Raysan and Villanueva, but the jury admitted that he was found guilty of manslaughter.

Reisan, standing opposite the hustle, was shot in his back and paralyzed by an injury. Villanueva was grabbed by a bullet and was not seriously injured.

Holder was also convicted of possessing a firearm while was a convicted harm criminal, and he personally used the firearm and had a large body. I found a true claim that caused harm and death.

At the two-week trial, the prosecutor and the defense lawyer discussed the final exchange between Holder and Hustle, who grew up in the same neighborhood.

Holder's public lawyer, Aaron Janssen, said his client shot the hustle with passion afterHustle accused him of being a snitch. 

However, Deputy District Attorney John McKinney claimed that the shooting was planned. Prosecutors said Hustle had never accused Holder of being a whistleblower and was actually trying to help Holder reveal his name. 

Major witnesses, Bryannita Nicholson,, when the holder is in the car, the holder loads a semi-automatic weapon with a bullet. Said I saw. Nicholson, who had a close relationship with her holder, testified that he had instructed her to park her car in the alley while he got off. 

The video played during the trial showed that the holder returned to the marathon store parking lot, approached the hustle, and shot 11 times.

Before leaving the scene, Holder kicked his beloved rapper in his head. This was a "personal" move, McKinney told the jury.

The fourth man in the group during the shooting, Evan Mackenzie, escaped from the scene. During the trial, a $ 500,000 warrant was issued to Mackenzie who did not appear in court to testify under the subpoena.

Nicholson did not witness the shooting, but said he heard the gunshot. After a while, Holder ran back into her car and he silently told her he would leave the area in her car.

Nicholson said he saw the holder carry two weapons (a semi-automatic and a pistol) in his bag before he was stripped from the alley.

Witness Harman Douglas testified that he knew both the holder and the hustle. They were all former members of the Crips Street Gang in the 1960s in Lorin, South Los Angeles.

He said that when Holder first approached the hustle 10 minutes before shooting, he didn't seem to be angry or upset.

According to Douglas , Hustle was actually trying to help the holder . Neighbors said he was doing "paperwork". And I need to get rid of his name.

Douglas testified that Holder shook hands with Hustle and left the conversation, but Holder's lawyer said the client left with anger and returned 10 minutes later with passion and passion. Said shot.

McKinney told the jury in closing arguments that Holder had enough time to look back and leave, but instead ambushed his beloved rapper and two other men. He said he shot and injured him. 

"Evidence showed that he was willing to go there and kill everyone in the space," McKinney said. "Nipsey was clearly the target, but (Holder) was willing to kill or drive everyone away."