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Kat Cammack Hammers Gavin Newsom's Florida Attack Advertisement: Governor DeSantis About "Freedom, Faith, Family"

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Republican Rep. Kat Cammack has accused California Governor Gavin Newsom's advert in Florida of blaming states that appear to be attacking American freedom. In "Folkner Focus" on Tuesday, Cammac pointed out the irony of Newsom's ad as Florida saw a record number of Californians coming to Sunshine. 

GAVIN NEWSOM campaign buys ads in Florida even though it's running in California

Cut Camac: There is a saying in politics that you never punch down, right? You just punch up. And if I were Governor Gavin Newsom, I would be desperate. Over 60,000 Californianshave a Florida driver's license over the last three years. In Florida, we are about freedom, faith and family. And in California, it looks like a downloadable app for reporting high taxes, crack pipe distribution centers, homeless tent cities, and sidewalk feces. It's no wonder everyone has escaped to thesunshine state. I should say that it is not because the humidity is 100%. As you can see, we women don't appreciate it. 

But the crazy thing is that if you're serious about it working, it's reflected in his policy. They are 20th in theeducational nationand we are 3rd. We have the lowest unemployment rate and the lowest tax in the country. They have some of the best. This makes a clear distinction between what works with respect to state governance. It either trusts your people, gives them the choice and freedom to make the best decisions for themselves and their families, or you try to interfere with everyone's lives. That's what California is doing. In Florida, Governor DeSantis led the prosecution offreedom, faith. And I'm telling you, this could be an even bigger American governor in the future. And I think it will bring disaster for a state like California. 

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