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Kate Winslet faints as a fierce "warrior" in a seemingly "Avatar 2" photo

More images of the sequel movie "Avatar: The Way of Water"from

have been released, and Kate Winslet is Pandora.

The long-awaited sequel to James Cameron's 2009 movie will be released at the end of the year, with Oscar winners starring as Ronald, the leader of Metkaina, a lesser-known clan of the Navi tribe. .. ..

Winslet told Empire magazinethat her personality was "a very loyal and fearless leader."

"She is strong. A warrior," Winslet told the publication. "Whether facing serious danger or having an unborn baby on board, she is still joining people and fighting for what she cares most about. Her family and their home.

Zoe Cerdanya is back to play Neytiri. Sam Worthington will play the role of Jake Sully in the sequel, Dr. Grace Augustine will play Sigourney Weaver, and Colonel Miles Quartich will play Stephen Lang. {17 According to the variety. The

sequel will be featured 10 years after the original movie ofDisney's Official Overview. Tell the story of the Shree family, the problems that follow them, the length they go to keep each other safe, the fight they fight to stay alive, and the tragedy they endure.

Winslet said he learned to hold his breath underwater for this role, breaking Tom Cruise's six-minute record during the filming of "Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation." He revealed that he held his breath for 7 minutes and 14 seconds while shooting. 

It's the first time Winslet and Cameron have collaborated since 'Titanic.'
Getty Images' Hurst Newspaper

"Great and very proud Winslet told Entertainment Tonight in 2020. "It came to the end of a good value for four weeks. Intense training and it was in the diving tank, it was in the training tank. But I liked it."

"Avatar" is a movie with world box office revenue of $ 2.84 billion,the highest box office revenue ever recordedis. ..

In the sequel, Cameron and Winslet will meet again for the first time since "Titanic" released in 1997.

"Avatar: The Way of Water" will be released in theaters on December 16th.