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Kevin Smith is back with a trailer for "Clark 3". New Ben Affleck cameo appearance, same quick stop

Kevin Smithis alive in the 90's with the latest releaseClerks III.. The director released the first trailer of the new movie today, giving a glimpse of his familiar Dante (Brian O'Halloran), Randall (Jeff Anderson), and Jay (Jason Mewes).

When I first saw the latestclerk movie, Randall watched the same movie over and over again and then himself. I was encouraged to make just a movie. .. After having a heart attack and surviving, he wrote his own script about working as a clerk and brought it back to life with the help of Dante, Elias (Trevor Fehrman), Jay and Silent Bob (Smith). increase.

Smith gets inspiration from his life for Clerks III, , according toThe Hollywood ReporterI did. The director overcame a heart attack in 2018. This is a horrifying event thathas never happened before and he later calledbecause it changed his lifestyle. In addition to the crew of

Smith and his former clerk,clerk III also starred Austin Zayul and Rosario Dawson. I am. Today's trailer includes cameo appearances by Ben Affleck, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Fred Armisen. Scroll up and watch the video above completely.

How to watch Clerk:

Are you inspired to watch the movie that started everything? 1994 Clerk can now be streamed onAmazon Prime Video,Paramount +,YouTube,Vudu Now,Apple TV +orGooglePlay.

ViewClerk II:

 After the success of the clerk, Smith returned with a sequel. Clerks II premiered in 2006 and are nowKanopy,Amazon Prime Video,Apple TV,Vudu,GooglePlay.

How to watchClarks III:

The latest Clarks movies will only be shown in theaters for two nights .. Lionsgate has partnered withFathom Eventsto screen Clark III in theaters on September 13th and 15th. Buy your ticket and secure a spot in Fathom right now. website. It can be purchased at over 700 movie theaters nationwide. After the premiere of Clerks III in theaters this fall, it will be available online.