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Photos of Kobe Bryant's crash site exchanged while agents played 'Call of Duty'

A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy posted a photorealistic photo of Kobe Bryant's helicopter crash site in court on Tuesday as the two played "Call of Duty." I confirmed that I sent it to

Departing Mike Russell made a shocking revelation while being questioned in the stands as part of a federal invasion of privacy lawsuit filed by NBA star's widow, Vanessa Bryant.

"No, I don't think dead bodies are funny or funny," Russell said in his testimony.

Russell remembers that the day after the January 2020 tragedy, he was attending a session of his video games, and Santa decided to ask Clarita his Depp. Ben Sanchez if you want to see images taken at the crash site in Calabasas, CA.

The civil lawsuit stemming from the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others continued Tuesday in LA County.
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Firefighters work the scene of a helicopter crash where former NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant died, in Calabasas, California.

When Sanchez said yes, Russell, who was lounging in his recliner, told the court that he had emailed three or four images of the wreckage.

Russell admitted he had no good reason to share the photos, saying he made a "brutal mistake." Sanchez was not involved in the investigation, he added.

He claimed he shared the photos "to get through the stress of the previous day."

Russell testified that he was sent images by another deputy, Joey Cruz.He shared a photo on the stand Monday of the crash site that killed his 13-year-old Lakers legend. The elderly daughter Gianna and seven others.

Cruise closed his testimony on Tuesday, also admitting he showed the image to a bartender at a local watering hole.

Vanessa Bryant's attorney played footage of Cruz, again at the Baja California Bar and Grill, scrolling through his phone, strewn across the Calabasas hillside. I showed a disturbing photo of a body part to a bartender friend.

The video elicited the same emotional response from the grieving widow as when her lawyer first played the video in court early in the trial, tearing her out of the courtroom. kicked out.

Another deputy, Nicholas Bonelli, later took the witness stand and recalled how he spoke with Kobe Bryant's assistant on the morning of the crash. Bonelli, the liaison between Bryant and police on the scene, said it was strange not to hear from Bryant after the short flight, so his assistant was called to inquire if an accident had occurred.

Vanessa Bryant, the widow of Kobe Bryant, leaves a federal courthouse in Los Angeles, Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2022

Bonelli said he was shown photos of the crash site, including images of Wright. I had peeled legs.

On the other hand, Russell said that his three-paragraph memo he wrote contained five false statements of his, including one claim that he immediately deleted the photos. also admitted.

There was no disciplinary action against Russell by the Sheriff's Department.

Vanessa Bryant, dressed in her head-to-toe back view, was sometimes seen whispering to lawyers, writing notes, and unwrapping candy.

65} She is scheduled to run for office later this week.