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Kyiv says Russians are trying to eliminate its troops in Donetsk amid nuclear concerns

The Russian offensive is heading towards the hub cities of Bakhmut and Avdiuk in the Eastern Donetsk region as the enemy seeks to inflict "maximum losses" on Ukrainian forces. is continuing. The Chief of Staff said at the beginning of his August 9th.

The Russian Air Force said it was shelling military installations in the direction of Donetsk to support artillery and other ground operations aimed at dislodging Ukrainian forces from the front lines.

British Intelligence said on 8 August that Russia was using anti-personnel mines to protect and maintain the defense perimeter in Donbass, resulting in the destruction of both military and local civilian populations. warned of danger.

Battlefield reports from any of the burgeoning conflicts are difficult to verify.

However, Kyiv military planners said their forces had repelled reconnaissance and offensive operations in a handful of settlements around Ivanohi Darievka, Bakhmut and Zaitsevo.

They said Russian forces had withdrawn after unsuccessful attacks around Avdiivka and Krasnokhorivka.

Kyiv said his two Russian warships armed with Kalibr cruise missiles were in combat readiness off Ukraine's Black Sea coast.

Meanwhile, international concern continued over the weekend's shelling of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant over a possible disaster at Europe's largest nuclear facility.

The president of Ukrainian nuclear power company Enervoatom has urged Zaporizhia to be declared a demilitarized zone to avoid a nuclear disaster.

Zaporizhzhya, who was seized early in the invasion five months ago, continues to be staffed by Ukrainians.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres called on international inspectors on 8 August to allow access to Zaporizhia, warning that "any attack on a nuclear power plant would be suicidal." did.

Interfax reported that the Russian-installed regional administrator said on August 8 that the facility was operating in "normal mode."

Washington and the World Bank followed U.S. President Joe Biden's pledge this week of the largest single security assistance package, including $1 billion in aid, under his so-called reduced authority. announced further aid to Ukraine. - Ranged weapons and medical transport vehicles.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced on his August 8th that Washington would provide an additional $4.5 billion in economic funding for him. Since the Russian invasion began in February, the amount of budget support so far has nearly doubled.

The World Bank said it would implement US grants for urgent needs such as health care, pensions and social payments.

Reuters also published a document in which Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations committed to set aside her 10 nautical mile buffer zone for ships exporting Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea. Quoted.

The long-awaited procedure is part of an international effort to lift the blockade of millions of tons of grain that have been stuck in Ukrainian ports since the invasion began.

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